One and Done, Thank you.


The one and done trend has rapidly grown since the NBA implemented the rule change back in 2005, eliminating players from getting drafted in the NBA before the age of 19 or one of college. Although this trend has had a lot of pro’s like allowing kids a year to learn the game of basketball more, it has had a lot of con’s as well.

The biggest? One and done are causing major schools to recycle and start fresh each year because they’ve lost two or three top players to the draft. Schools are literally renting players for a season, Sean miller and those allege wire taps are proof.

This forces a culture change in a sense because now, you don’t have time to “coach em up” for multiple years. Now, the one and done rule has forced major conference schools to coach as a Eddie Murphy punchline, “what have you done for me lately” approach to the game. A constant revolving door of your best players leaving can bring constant pressure to compete and bring in more of the best prospects.

We understand, it’s a business but what has this done to the game? For one, it’s hard to buy into a system and win a national title in one year. Considering that players have now been kind of forced to spend one year in college due to a rule, not get paid for their talents and they know where they can be( the nba) how much are these young kids really interested in buying into a system?

Looking back, this is what made the Kentucky wildcats so special in 2012. A mixture of a super star-freshmen (Anthony Davis), sophomore, and seniors, that team bought into a system right away and won a National title. It’s rare a team loaded with freshmen have post season successful because, they’re so young. This is why a player like Grayson Allen is so hated, it’s because he’s been all four years. You have to see him. If Grayson would’ve left after his first year, he wouldn’t be the guy people hate. Analyzing this year Ncaa March Madness has been an eye opening experience for me because now I think it’s time to realize, one and done are great for college basketball!

It may sound absurd but let’s really take a look. Outside of Duke, who lost in the Elite Eight to a team full of seniors at Kansas, no one and done player has done anything to make this tourney great and it has been awesome. Arizona lost to Buffalo and they had potential first pick in this upcoming draft, Deandre Ayton. OU and Trae Young had no business in the tourney and they didn’t make it far. Mo Bamba and UT loss, Sexton and Alabama eventually could only do so much. The best games have featured three and four year players. One team; Loyola-Chicago; is playing with a lot of seniors and a senior citizens, Sister Jean. Rob gray and UofH gave the tourney two great games, and there are no lottery picks on neither team.

The final four is featuring a battle tested senior team in Kansas, a miracle run senior team in Loyola-Chicago, both have given us a amazing games. There can potentially be 11 freshmen drafted out of the first 15 picks in this year upcoming draft.

None of those guys are left. Again, we can understand leaving. Some of kids have families to help and that’s understandable but while they’re preparing to leave for the next level, this tourney has been of the best since Kemba Walker March Madness frenzy. So for that, I thank you one and dones. You guys have made this year special, from wire taps to not making it to the sweet sixteen. We appreciate the year you gave us, and we’ll reup for this to happen all over next year.