New Orleans: Saints sign Drew Brees to $50M deal


Drew Brees will be back in New Orleans after all, striking a two-year deal with the Saints.

There was some minor doubt, more of a last minute scare, that the New Orleans Saints weren’t going to be able to sign Drew Brees. It was a possibility for about half a second before the inevitable deal to keep him on the bayou was reached.

A situation where Brees walked away from the Saints would have needed to be so profoundly screwed up that all bridges had been burned. He’s been the franchise for well over a decade-plus, and running him out of town would have taken some sort of great offense that can’t even be imagined.

Fans can rest easy though, knowing Brees will now likely finish his career with the Saints. Sweetening the pot is the idea that he now has at least two more years to try and win another Super Bowl and perhaps retire on top.

It’s a massive deal for an aging quarterback, but one that does right by a franchise legend. Brees has secured a two-year, $50 million deal. While large in scale, it’s chump change for what he can provide the team.