NBA Offseason: Three Teams who Should Sign Dwight Howard


Dwight Howard is on the move again, here are three teams who should take a chance on the eight-time All-Star.

The NBA off-season has just begun but a huge domino has already fallen. Two days before the NBA Draft, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski dropped a bombshell reporting that the Charlotte Hornets have agreed to a trade to send Dwight Howard to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for Timofey Mozgov, two-second-round picks, and cash considerations.

Before Nike could print his uniform, news broke that Howard and the Nets would seek a buyout agreement, ending his career in the Big Apple before it even begun. Once all is finalized, Howard is set to become a free agent by July 6th.

Since leaving the Houston Rockets in 2016, Howard’s career has turned into a journeyman, playing on his fourth team in four years. Despite being one of the top big men on the market, there will be very few suitors lining up to take on the services of Howard.

Say what you want about him, but Howard can still be a great contributor on a contending team. At 32-years old and coming off one of his best seasons since leaving Orlando. There are three teams who should take a serious look at adding the eight-time All-Star.

The Portland Trail Blazers

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Houston Rockets

After getting swept by the New Orleans Pelicans this past season, it is safe to say the Portland Trail Blazers will make some improvements to their team. Since Jusuf Nurkic is set to become a free agent of his own, the Blazers should look to upgrade at the center position.

In an event where Howard does sign with the Trail Blazers, he would be in the best situation for his skill set since leaving the Magic in 2012.

For the Trail Blazers, not only would he give Portland a solid option on the offensive end, but Howard would be a huge upgrade from Nurkic on the defensive side of the ball.
What many fail to realize is that Howard thrives the most when playing alongside an elite all-star point guard. This past season playing with Kemba Walker, Howard averaged 16.6 points, 12.5 rebounds, and 55.5 percent shooting from the field. Making it one of his most successful seasons in recent memories.

The best all-star point guard he can be pair with is Damian Lillard. Everyone remembers how successful Lillard was with LaMarcus Aldridge, and Portland would be able to recreate that success with Howard.

The one-two punch of Howard and Lillard would create one of the most feared duos in the league. Add in the sharpshooting guard CJ McCollum, Portland would have themselves a team who could challenge anyone in the Western Conference.

The Cleveland Cavaliers


LeBron James and Dwight Howard on the same team! Nearly ten years ago, this would have been a mind-blowing team with two of the biggest stars in the NBA teaming up in 2010.

Unfortunately, the excitement may not be as big now, but don’t sleep on a LeBron and Howard pairing in 2018.

If LeBron decides to stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers, this would be another great fit for Howard. Not only will he get the opportunity to play alongside one of the greatest players of all-time. But he will do so while giving himself the best chance to win a ring.
Howard would easily become the best big man James has ever played with, and the damage they both can do in their early 30’s is scary to think about. Sure, LeBron has played with Kevin Love, Chris Bosh, and Zydrunas Ilgauskas, but none of them were ever so dominating as Howard.

Speaking of Love. The pairing of Love and Howard would automatically give the Cavaliers the second best big men combination in the association.

Both players are relentless rebounders and could give LeBron two different options on either side of the court when dipping the ball inside. Since Love is one of the best stretch big men in the league, there will always be enough spacing down in the paint for everyone, especially Howard.

The trio of Howard, Love, and LeBron maybe just enough to put an end to the Golden State Warriors epic run.

The Orlando Magic

Jesus once told a story of a Prodigal Son who was forced to return home to his father after squandering his fortune trying to pursue an adventure of his own. Dwight Howard’s return to the Orlando Magic would be the perfect modern-day example of this biblical parable.

Howard had it made for himself in Orlando. Nicknamed Superman, he became a six-time all-star, three-time Defensive Player of the Year winner, and was by far one of the most loved and gifted players in the league.

Unfortunately, like the Prodigal Son in Luke, Howard had to find out the hard way that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. What’s crazy is that it seems as if the Magic need Howard just as much as he needs them.

Since his departure from the organization in 2012, the Magic has yet to make another playoff appearance, posting one of the league’s worst records with a 157-335 over the six-year span.

A return to Orlando will also reunite him with head coach Steve Clifford, who has played a huge factor in developing Howard throughout his career. Clifford not only served as the head coach during his tenure with the Hornets, but he also served as the Magic’s assistant coach from 2007-2012. Howard’s glory years in the Magic Kingdom.

Returning to Orlando would be far from contending for a championship, but it will give Howard the best opportunity to revive his career and a franchise he left in disarray.

Final Thoughts

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Dwight Howard’s career is far from over, but whatever team he signs with is just another example of how far his career has fallen. Whoever gives him a chance to continue his career, hopefully, Howard can finally find the piece and comfort he so desperately longs for.
Good Luck Dwight.