Rams Todd Gurley Make History with New Deal


Gurley future is bright, and his bag is secured.

The Los Angeles Rams and star running back, Todd Gurley, have agreed to a four-yer contract extension this Tuesday. The deal is reportedly worth $60 million, and includes $45 million guaranteed. Gurley will also receive a $20 million signing bonus.


Gurley, 23, is a young dynamic running back who accounted for over two-thousand total yards, 19 total touchdowns, and won the Offensive Player of the Year award under first year head coach Sean Mcvay last season. Not only do you lock him in for four years;which is normally the prime years for running backs, but he’s undeniably the face for a franchise in L.A. LaLa land, where the stars shine bright, right? When the Rams returned to L.A, they knew they were going to compete with The Lakers, and the Dodgers. Both franchises are notoriulsly huge in the L.A community, and have dominant players like Lebron James and Clayton Kershaw. The Rams no longer want to play second fiddle and this is a deal that excels them into the position that are striving for.

When asked about the contract extension, Rams general manager Les Snead said “He’s a big weapon for us”.

Last years’s production isn’t really a reflection of the value that he provides because he did such a great job, but he’s so much more than that to our team. McVay said  The way he competes in protection, the way he works and the way that rubs off on his teammates.
Locking in Gurley now means the Rams now have the security blanket for their young quarterback, Jared Goff. The Rams gave away a lot to trade up and draft Goff and last season was his coming out party. It could be due to not having to play under Jeff Fisher and his “elementary offense” as Gurley once called it, or it could be due to Gurley taking the pressure off and making things a lot smoother. One thing is for certain, the Rams should do everything they can to make sure Goff is successful and inking Gurley plays a substantial part.
This deal will definitely have an impact across the league, more importantly in the Rams locker room. Rams super-star defensive tackle Aaron Donald is awaiting his contract from the organization. Everything Gurley means to the Rams on offense, Donald means to them on defense.
However, seeing Brandin Cooks receive a contract before playing a down for the franchise has to feel like a slap in the face. One would think that after last season’s hold out, the Ram’s would do everything in their power to ink Donald to a deal. Why? Well, he produces and produces big time! Nobody is quite certain of the relationship Donald and the Ram’s front office has, but how long do you risk losing a top tier defensive player in this league? Rams report to training camp today, Donald is not among them.
Is there a bigger impact this deal can have moving forward? The running back market just got a poster child for getting paid! Before this deal broke, there was only one running back making more than $10 million per year. That one player was Le’Veon Bell, who is now awaiting a new deal with the Steelers.

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Players and agents will use Gurley’s new contract in negotiations and a lot of the star running backs are excited for what Gurley contract could mean for them moving forward. Only time will tell the tale of if this will be a trend for the NFL but in the meantime, Gurley has to perform as proof for other deserving backs. Gurley future is bright, and his bag is secured.