Randy, The Goat



“There is a reason why Moss is the most influential wide receiver of all time”

What makes Randy Moss, Randy Moss? Was it the unforgettable quotes like “Straight Cash Homie”? Was it the one hand catches he made over and over again to the point where it seemed like the only way to catch? Or was it because he changed the way kids played little league football? No matter how you feel about Randy Moss, you could never deny his talent, the numbers, and his effect on the game of football. He was the FREAK! Now he has the gold jacket to go along with it! Throughout the course of his football career, Randy was known for a couple of things. Whether it was for getting in trouble off the field, or making the world temporality forget about it on Sunday’s, he thrived most under pressure when people quit on him.

Moss, ranks top 5 in the two most important receiving categories and his numbers speak for themselves. The 4 time All-Pro is number two all-time receiving touchdowns (156), number four all-time in receiving yards (15,292). However, what made Randy the player and person we have come to love over the years was not always the number he put up. His love me or hate me personality is what drew the masses to pay attention to him even if you didn’t want to.

How much did some hate him? Andrew Bucholtz said “Many coaches and executives said they didn’t want Randy Moss in the 1998 NFL draft”. This was after he put up 3,529 yards and 54 touchdowns in two years at Marshall. Some thought he was not worth the trouble in the NFL. Boy were they wrong! How much did some love him? Former teammate Ben Watson once said “Whenever you have a guy like Randy Moss, a guy who everybody in the league respects and who has big-play capability every time he gets on the field, teams have to respect that.” Randy may have been an acquired taste, but those who were bitter towards him normally ended up wrong.


My personal favorite Randy Moss moment of all time began with the best breaking news I’ve ever received. I’m sitting at my grandmother’s home, and I finally get a chance to watch TV after a morning of her switching back and forth from her shows. She fell asleep, and I scooped the remote before any of my cousins or dad could walk in and change it to something they wanted to watch. It did not matter; my dad walks right in and grab the remote from hand. He changes the channel to ESPN, and I immediately see the red breaking news running across the bottom of the screen. “Randy Moss has been traded from Oakland to the New England Patriots”, my favorite NFL franchise. Initially, my first reaction was “this cannot be true; there is no way the NFL is letting Tom Brady throw to Randy Moss this season”. The trade had been finalized and the Patriots were getting Randy Moss for a fourth rounder. Who cared what round it was, my childhood favorite player is playing on my favorite team.

That moment lead to one of the greatest seasons ever for a wide receiver. In that 2007 season Randy left his mark on the game again but this time, it is in the record books. Twenty-three touchdowns. More than Jerry Rice, more than anyone ever at receiver in a single season. Once again, his back was against the wall, league executives and coaches were against him, Randy took the time to remind the world who he was.

The 2007 season had a lot of “Oh my God, he just got Mossed” moments. My favorite moment was a 34 degree night game against the not so much division rival Buffalo. Earlier in the day Terrell Owens; another 2018 H.O.F inductee, had a four touchdown field day against their division rival Washington. Well, let’s just say Moss got the memo and shredded the Buffalo defense for four touchdowns, in the first half. FIRST HALF! Randy Moss played like he had a certain tune in his head while he was playing that night. The tune that was playing was “anything you can do, Moss can do better. Moss can do anything better than you”.

Since retiring, Moss has done a phenomenal job cleaning up his image while commentating as a color analyst for ESPN. Yes, the he’s had off the field issues, but he has said his apologies and work towards re-branding himself. There’s a reason why he is only the second first year, first ballot H.O.F inductee wide receiver. There’s a reason why he known across the league as the Freak and teams game-planned around him the way they did. They failed more times than not. There is a reason why Moss is the most influential wide receiver of all time.

Congrats on your gold jacket Moss, now give us one more one hand catch.


My favorite Randy Moss moments:

  1. Buffalo game

      2. Vikings vs. Cowboys, the “ You should have drafted me game”



3. One hand catch over Revis