My Top 5 Sports Movies of All-Time.


This is my top 5. NOT YOURS!


Essentially we’re in the golden time of sports; the fall season, which is the season we see majority of the major sports play. Football, baseball, basketball, this is when fans come to together and argue why their sport is better than the others. To prove a point many fans will bring up everything they can. “We have better players” or “well we have the better players association”. I came up with the perfect way to figure out who has the better sport. Top 5 sports movie of all time! Listen, this is my top 5, and mines only. Everybody’s is different, now follow me through my TOP 5. Before we start, no Rudy did not make my list.

Kicking off at number 5, SPACE JAM. Don’t get super mad and stop reading my list. I’m a 90’s kid at heart which is why Space Jam made my list. For one, this is the only thing that ever made Jordan look like child role model. Who knew Bugs Bunny could hoop like that? Lola Bunny was the first female bunny that made it in LTNBA( Looney Tone NBA), and who didn’t sing Fly Like An Eagle while working on your shot? This was the first of its kind in regards to merging animation and athletes the way the movie did. As of August 2018, it is the highest ranking basketball movie of all time. Space Jam is hell of a 5, on a top 5 sport movies list and I don’t care how you feel about it. The biggest thing about the Space Jam is it happened two decades before the NBA got a glimpse of the real Mon-Stars; Golden State. I like my number 5.


Coming in at number 4, I got….. Varsity Blues. Which may be a shocker because I’m actually from the city and hate going to the country parts of Texas. What could I possibly relate to in this movie? Football in the south, mainly Texas, can be very overwhelming and pressuring. There are city’s that close down when it’s a homecoming or big rivalry game. Varsity blues gave me a look at what the pressures of playing football can be. Not only that, varsity blues was damn good exposing high school football players being used for the greater good of someone else. Coach Bud Kilmer was vicious! Put the health of his starting Qb Lance at risk to the point he cant play no more. This forces Kilmer to promote backup quarterback Mox to starter. Mox does not give a damn about Kilmer and his legacy. Screw Kilmer by the way. On top of dealing with a coach who has been playing with the livelihood and emotionally abusing his players, Mox has to deal with his “living through his son” obsess with football dad. I honestly liked the pressures of dealing with BS because of adults and their internal issues. Screw coach Kilmer, seriously. And that cheating conniving hussy Darcy. I hate you. Love the movie, which is why it is number 4.

I might’ve fell for this trick. We’re only human.



Remember the Titans comes in hot at number 3 for me. A lot of people may have Remember the Titans higher than 3 but not me. I think 3 is perfect on my list considering top two. Now, in regards to shedding light on how adults push their racist agenda on kids and how ultimately football can create a bigger bond than racism depending on your age; well this movie is it. Not only that, this movie might have the most quotable moments out of the list. “You fumble the football, and i will break my foot off in your John Brown hind parts and then you will run a mile. Perfection. Let’s go to work.” Or “ Left side! Strong side!”. Not only was there rift between the players, but townspeople and coaches were at odds because of race. You know, the I’m white and you’re black and we don’t mix well thing in the 70s. Tough times man. The timing and setting of this movie was honestly perfect and to top it off, the cast of Denzel, Woody Harris, and more did it for me. The one aspect I took from this movie the moment I first saw it was; no matter what, don’t allow other people who is hell bent on determining relationships for you succeed. You never really know what can transpire with an open ear.


Now, the fun part. Top two and who’s at two? Drum roll please….

He got game! ( Denzel with another lead role appearance). This movie features Ray Allen as Jesus Shuttlesworth, as a high school who is taking care of his sister while staying with his aunt and uncle, all while being the top basketball prospect in the country. I mean, we see it all here. What do you want? Want Greed around every corner and knocking at your door? He got it! You want betrayal, lies, and a temporary release of the father who killed his children’s mother? He got it! You want Jesus? He got it! I mean this story is basically what would’ve happened if God sent Jesus down, and everything turned bad. Jake, Jesus’s fathers, is out on a week parole because the warden of his prison is a Big State fan and needs Jake to persuade Jesus to sign to Big State. (I thought Big State was a real college for so long btw).

Not only does he have to deal with his father Jake early release out of of nowhere, Jesus has this Mary Magdalene from New York, Lala Bonilla! Ain’t no true love there. She’s in it for the ride. Did I mention how fine she is? Lala is fine! I mean make the top recruit in the country consider signing an illegal contract for the league, fine. I mean she’s, never-mind. Back to the movie. This movie is juicy, and what I like the most about this movie was the supporting roles in He Got Game was amazing. I mean, you got Big Time Willie. A realist. A know it all because I’ve seen it all, type of guy. Big Time Willie points out to Jesus that his protection, ”put the word out” has shielded him from neighborhood predators and parasites. (“Oh, I love you, Jesus”), but there are many other temptations – drugs, liquor, tobacco, pussy, and AIDS – which is why most ghetto kids only get out of Coney Island in a casket.

See, the way I’ve viewed this movie is a take on the way we use Jesus…. when it’s convenient. We’re asking Jesus for something or need him to go out and do what we want him to do, but are we really deserving? The movie ends with Jake going back to prison with no early release because Jesus technically didn’t sign the release paper to Big State, even though he committed to attend. Symbolic enough, Jake releases his “sins” by giving it all to “Jesus” by throwing the old ball out of the prison. The ball is magically dropped in the gym where Jesus is practicing alone.


My number one sports movie of all time is…. ANY GIVEN SUNDAY!

Star studded cast. Jamie Foxx, Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, Lawrence Taylor. I mean the list is deep when it comes to notable names in this master piece of a film. From the start of Any Given Sunday, director Oliver Stone really took an in-depth look at the world of football that many people at the time had no clue of. How the emotional bond between Head Coach and winning Quarterback can sometimes get in the way of making business decisions. Cap was old as hell, banged up and slow, but coach Tony didn’t want to commit to Willie Beamen. Not only did Tony not commit to quarterback changes but his coaching style period.

At one point in the movie; offense coordinator, Crozier beg to throw to the flats because it was wide open and Tony ignorantly ignored the call and ran the ball. Welp, if you seen the movie you know what happens next. One of the subliminal messages throughout the entire movie is the fight between old and new. Your old quarterback is not cutting it like the new quarterback. Your old way of coaching is not cutting it to win in the new age of football. This was before the change in the NFL started to transpire in real life. This movie dropped in 1999 and it foreshadowed so much about the transition in the league now from what it what was then. The dinner scene was fire! Oh man was it fire.

I also loved the way the portrayal of how coaches and organizations will change a black quarterback position because of whatever reason they come up with.  They use “quick feet” to justify making the switch. Or how a player can be left high and dry when the NCAA finds out about boosters and those “presents” you receive. When you bring this to someone attention, the tables flip on you. Seriously, this scene is powerfully fire.

Even with the Doctors-Player relationships. I mean on one hand, you have a doctor who will not take away the one thing a man has going for him, football. On the other, CONCUSSIONS! Boy this movie had it all. Shark literally knowingly played with his life on the line for the bonus. What more do you want from a sports movie? Some people want happy endings, like angels in the outfield. I want hard truth. The coke, the pain killer pills, the messy-ness between inner circles. The exposing of no loyalty whatsoever, and too much loyalty. I love it! The depiction of black quarterbacks and white quarterbacks. You have Cap, the “Gold standard” Qb, knows his time is done and wants to get out. Personally, the older I’ve gotten, the more fascinated I’ve become with the getting out speech. While arguing his very valid points, his wife slaps the crap out of him. He’s at a point in his life where he’s tired of hearing from everybody else and when he expresses this, she doesn’t listen. The irony. He’s fighting for his voice and the ability to make his own decision but the game, it’s hard to leave.

Then you have Willie. “My name is Willie, Willie Beamen. I got the ladies, they screaming”. Your black Qb that been on the short end of the stick since he made a mistake and has been used. He’s seen the writing on the wall when it comes this business called football and now that he’s hot, he need his bread before they forget who he is. This movie so damn good, Willie and Julian had an off screen fight. Yes, Jamie and LL cool J had a fight off screen. Kudos to Oliver Stone for picking this cast and creating this visual of what really goes on with men who happen to play professional football. Oh yea, was I the only one who thought Jack Rose was very Skip Bayless like?

This was top 5. NOT YOURS! But to share your top 5, comment on the story. If not, don’t say nothing to me about Space Jam being in my over your crappy rocky movie or no baseball movie making it. This is my top 5. NOT YOURS!