Texans Survive Dog Fight Against the Cowboys


Texans fans, I know you must be exhausted, because I know I am as well as the Texans.

In the past two weeks, the Texans have played a total of 138 minutes and 10 seconds of football. They may have been tired after their OT win last week against the Colts, but I know that they are purely exhausted after Sunday’s win in NRG stadium. It wasn’t exactly Khabib vs Conor McGregor’s royal rumble match, but goodness what a physical matchup. I can’t recall the last time I seen the Texans in such a physical battle like they were in last night. It reminded me of an old school heavyweight boxing match. Both the Cowboys and Texans spent almost 70 minutes exchanging blow after blow with each other.

Apparently, there’s a rumor going around saying that the Texans offense visited the doctor this season and was informed that they are allergic to scoring TD’s in the red zone. Although the Texans won the war, red zone work is the biggest area they need to work on. The game shouldn’t have gone to overtime because the Texans left a bunch of points on the field last night. Perhaps they like to make things harder than what it must be, but for all the Texans fans sake, (and my hearts sake) please stop it.

After an 0-3 start and looking buried, the Texans won two in a row and is right back in the race for the AFC South. Here are the heroes and zeroes for the Texans in the Showdown of Texas.


Deandre Hopkins

Let me say it again, Hop is TOP 3 (and he not 3 and he not 2)! 

Deandre Hopkins is having a great season, and last night solidifies him as the best WR in the NFL. He did it all last night, from hitting B buttons on defenses, to knocking down Hail Mary passes on defense. Hopkins finished the game with 9 catches for 151 yards, including a pass breakup and two broken ankles. Having Hopkins made the difference of winning the game, and he was the biggest hero of week 5.

(October 7th, 2018: Photo: Brett Coomer/Staff photographerretrieved from Chron.com)


Deshaun Watson 

It wasn’t pretty for most of the game, but Watson is one of the toughest warriors at QB that I have seen in a while. He put his body on the line multiple times to come out with a win last night. Watson finished the game with a stat line of 33/44 375 yards, and a TD. His allergies to the end zone appeared throughout the game yesterday, but Watson had an amazing game. For Houston’s sake, LEARN TO SLIDE.

(October 7th, 2018: Photo: Brett Coomer/Staff photographer retrieved from Chron.com)

Johnathan Joseph

As surprised I am to be writing this, I have no choice but to place Johnathan Joseph on the list of heroes. Joseph got scorched last week against the Colts, but tonight was the complete opposite. Father time paused Joseph in the Showdown of Texas, allowing one reception for 8 yards in 5 targets. He also had 3 pass breakups Sunday, including one that led to an interception by Justin Reid. Joseph had an amazing bounce back game.

(October 7th, 2018: Photo: Brett Coomer/Staff photographer retrieved from Chron.com)

Kareem Jackson

We may have witnessed the best game of Kareem Jackson’s career. He was all over the field during Sunday’sgame whether it was in coverage or stopping the run. He made countless open field tackles, including a couple on Ezekiel Elliot. He also made a few pass breakups, including an interception. Jackson was close to becoming my top hero had he held on to the walk off pick 6. Got to work on those hands Reemboi! 

(October 7th, 2018: Photo: Brett Coomer/Staff photographer retrieved from Chron.com)

Keke Coutee

It’s only right to include KekeCoutee in this list, considering that he scored the Texan’s only TD. Apparently, Keke is the only player on the Texans offense that isn’t allergic to scoring in the Red Zone. His performance wasn’t as good as his debut, but Coutee finished with 6 catches, 51 yards, and a TD. He is still a solid edition to the Texans and will only get better from here.

(October 7th, 2018: Photo: Brett Coomer/Staff photographer retrieved from Chron.com)

People who just missed the list:

JJ Watt, Alfred Blue, Tyrann Mathieu, Ryan Griffin, Jadeveon Clowney, & Benardrick McKinney.



I’ve said this before, but the red zone offense was absolutely terrible Sunday. While it was due to horrible play calling, I also noticed that it was a combination of lack of execution as well. One play Deandre Hopkins beat Byron Jones off the release and was open in the back of the end zone for an easy TD, but Deshaun Watson underthrew the pass and Jones was able to get back in the play to break the ball up. Deshaun Watson also made the wrong choices in reads and holding on to the ball. There were people open in the end zone, but Watson missed them. He must do better identifying mismatches and making the proper reads to score in the red zone.

I really didn’t see any zeroes besides the red zone offense, so I will have to end this here. However, if you think I am missing someone and need to add them, comment below. Let’s argue!