The Prediction: Dolphins vs. Texans


Dolphins vs. Texans week 8

Last Meeting (Week 7: October 25, 2015 in Miami, Florida. Dolphins def. Texans 26-44. Coincidentally enough this game will be played on October 25,2018.)

Prediction time!

The Dolphins come into town tonight to play the Texans in a Thursday night showdown. As we approach midway towards the season, the stakes are beginning to be high.

Both the Texans and Dolphins come into this game with a 4-3 record, the Dolphins being second in the AFC East and the Texans leading the AFC South in first place.

I would like to describe this situation as Ying and Yang. The Dolphins are the Ying, and the Texans are the Yang. Although both teams are both 4-3, the Dolphins started off as 3-0 and the Texans started the season 0-3, but now both teams have the same exact record.

On Paper, the Texans are a better team than the Dolphins. They are better offensively and defensively and has a more talented roster.

Facing a familiar foe

For the first time since his departure, former Texans QB Brock Osweiler returns back to Houston as the starting QB of the Dolphins. The former $72 Million QB knows this system and team very well, and vice versa with the Texans.

Because of Brock knowing the Texans well, I expect this matchup to be closer than what it should be. This game however, can go two ways.

Number one: The Dolphins finally cool the Texans off in an upset.

This is a great example of a trap game. Although this is a game the Texans should have no problems winning, that could spell disaster for the Texans. Perhaps the Dolphins defensive line comes in and dominate the offensive line all game, (we all know this is very possible.) limiting the offense. Perhaps the defense struggles all game. That could be enough for the Dolphins to come in and stun the Texans in an upset.

Number two: The Texans extend their streak to 5 games in a row, beating the Dolphins in convincing fashion.

As stated earlier, the Texans should have a strong handle on this game. They are a much more talented team than the Dolphins. I am not expecting a blowout, but they should have no problem during this game.

Final Score: Dolphins 10 Texans 24