Tigers tame Delta Devils, win homecoming


Sun is up, weather is perfect and the (1-6)Texas Southern Tigers looked to end their losing streak as they take on the (1-5)Mississippi Valley State. It’s homecoming and the Tigers will use the added incentive to tame the Delta Devils.

The Delta Devils are giving up 45.5 ppg to their opponents and has not been able to stop a nose bleed in regards to their run defense. Their also allowing 7.5 per pass attempt and 12.30 per pass catch. The Tigers will look to exploit the Devils with Devin Williams under center.

Right out of the gate, the Tigers took advantage of the lack of run defense;Devils allows 6.1 per rush, by feeding the ball to their running backs. On the opening drive alone, the Tigers ran the ball 12 times compared to the 3 passing attempts. The drive ended with a Tylor Cook 1 yard touchdown.

The Tigers defense used the energy the offense left on the field and forced a 3-and-out on their opening drive. The Tigers takes over at the 19 yard line. A big 45 yard Williams to Tren’Davian Dickson pitch and catch sets the Tigers up at the 4 yard line. A block in back penalty pushed the Tigers back to the 19yard and holding call that negated a 12 yard touchdown run by Devin Williams, the Tigers were finally able to hit pay dirt with a huge 22 yard touchdown to Bobby Hartzog Jr. Tigers up 14-0.

Do you want to know what element of football has improved with the Texas Southern football is on defense this game? Effort. The effort has lead them to a 3-and-out on their first drive. After allowing Mississippi Valley State to gain a couple of first downs while getting some rhythm on the second drive, the effort lead to a huge 80 yard fumble return by linebacker Patrick Howell. Texas Southern lead has increased 21-0.

The Tigers end the half; 5-7 on 3rd down, 13.4 per pass attempt and most importantly, no turnovers. The offensive line who has struggled this season has played exceptionally better; they did not give up a sack!

It’s halftime at a HBCU’s homecoming. I’m sure you know exactly how much fun this was.

The Tigers opened the second half on defense and looked to continue their dominance over the Delta Devils.

Both teams start the second half slow and kind of flat. The Devils has had a lot of troubles running the ball and getting clean looks at passing the ball. The Devils were able to capitalize on a big 4th down conversion and finally scored on a Dejerric Bryant 1 yard touchdown run. Score is now 21-7.

The second half is where a lot of TSU’ struggles came from this season. However, effort has been the theme so far this game. After allowing a touchdown, the Tigers were resilient the next drive and scored on with a 28 yard touchdown pass to Bobby Hartzog.

Mississippi Valley state attempted to stage a comeback, but to no avail. The Tigers had an answer for every attempt. The final nail in coffin came on a big 69 yard Brad Woodard touchdown, and an end zone fumble recovery by Tarrol Stafford.

This was the homecoming and performance the program, the university, and fans needed! After an abysmal six-game losing streak, the Texas Southern Tigers have a reason to celebrate.

*media provided by Texas Southern media department*

Big takeaway from this game is the offensive line and how resilient they’d played. When asked about the improvement of the offensive line, head coach Haywood stated “I think we’ve only going to get better, especially with number 2 back there”.

The final outcome is Texas Southern winning their homecoming over Mississippi Valley State, 42-14. Texas Southern takes on Alabama state on November 3rd.

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