Is Dak Worth The Money?



DALLAS, Texas – After a surprisingly 27-20 victory against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Night, the conversation of QB Dak Prescott’s long-term extension with the Dallas Cowboys has risen again after his 270-yard passing performance at Lincoln Financial Field.

After receiving an enormous amount of heat from fans and the media after their embarrassing 28-14 loss to the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football the week before, it appears that OC Scott Linehan and HC Jason Garett may have previewed what has been expected of them this entire season, as well as what fans in big D could expect to witness for the remainder of the season. Jason Garett and Scott Linehan finally took the ‘training wheels’ off of Dak Prescott.

With the season and several jobs on the line, the Dallas Cowboys leadership is desperate for a different style of play—starting with the play-calling on Sunday Night. It’s no secret that Dallas loves to run on 1st and 10, especially on their opening drive of the game. But on that night, Scott Linehan took a different approach and threw on 1st down. Ultimately, that particular drive ended in a 3 & out, but it was the first time in God knows how long that the Cowboys decided to be unpredictable. It’s amazing how the threat of someone’s employment status makes a difference. That offensive creativity would last roughly the entire game as Dak finished with 270 yards through the air; more importantly he completed 72% of his passes.

Does Dak Deserve The Long Term Deal?

Here we go again. The last time we had this conversation was at the end of Dak’s 2016 rookie season when he set the league on fire completing 3,667 yards, 23 TDs to only 4 INTs, and ultimately wining the NFL Rookie of the Year Award. After a relapsed season in 2017, we now find ourselves debating on whether or not Dak deserves the long-term contract extension. Luckily for Dak, a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to that question doesn’t even matter for two reasons:

  1. There’s no greater bargain in sports than a starting NFL quarterback on a rookie contract. Especially if he’s healthy. A team will sacrifice a lineman, WR, DB and even a RB to assure that they have their QB; and in Dak’s case he will have an opportunity to join several other QBs to receive a max contract extension, even if they haven’t won a single play-off game in recent memory. Why? Because he’s playing at the most prestigious NFL position known to man.


  1. Do the Cowboys really have a choice? When the Cowboys gave up their first-round pick to the Raiders for Amari Cooper, that was their way of saying that they are all in on Dak Prescott. Or you can take it a step further by arguing that the Cowboys realized there aren’t any QBs coming out of this year’s draft that blows their socks off, therefore we should find out what our potential future QB is made of—hence give him a true #1 option by picking up Amari Cooper mid-way through the season.


No matter how you want to slice it, this ultimately has turned into a win-win situation for Dak Prescott. Some would argue that the Cowboys may be trying to hold out until 2020 to snag Tua Tagovailoa—which judging by Jerry Jones’s actions in the past may be true. Now, Dak technically isn’t an unrestricted free agent until 2020. He’ll get paid $630,00 this year and $720,000 in 2019; but if Dak has any half-way decent agents, they’re going to try to get him paid at the conclusion on this season. This year could be the last that the Cowboys own the luxury of paying a starting QB less than a backup center. With the growing rate for QBs with starting potential soaring well past the $100 million figure thanks to Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Matthew Stafford and Jimmy Garoppolo, the Cowboys know they must pay the QB piper soon. To stay up to date on all things Cowboys and more, be sure to subscribe to You Can Argue That Sports and receive notifications of new posts and podcasts by email.