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Predicting the Texans record:2018 season

The Texans bye week will come to an end tomorrow as they travel to Washington to start the second half of their season. Currently 1st place in the AFC South, the Texans remaining schedule is 7 games. After their away game against the Redskins (6-3), the Texans opponents feature: Home vs. Tennessee Titans (5-4), Home vs. Cleveland Browns (3-6-1),  Home vs. Indianapolis Colts (4-5), Away vs. NY Jets (3-7), Away vs. Philadelphia Eagles (4-5), and Home vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-6).

Although the remaining schedule has only two teams with a record over .500, there are no guarantees that the Texans will make the playoffs. Besides the Jets, every team is dangerous and could beat the Texans if they get caught sleeping. However, I still believe the schedule rules in the Texans favor.

An upcoming 3 home game stretch will help the Texans in their quest for the AFC South title. Again, it’s no guarantee that the Texans will win the 3 game stretch, but it definitely runs in their favor. After their three game home stretch, they have to travel up north to play outdoors in the winter. Then they will conclude the season at home. 4 home games out of 7 to secure the AFC South title? I’ll take it!

Here’s my prediction on how the remaining 7 games will go:

Anything written in Italic symbolizes an away game.

Washington Redskins (WIN)WSH Redskins

Like the Broncos, I believe the Redskins and the Texans have similar styles, but the Texans are slightly better because of the difference of QB Play. It’s going to be another tough road game for the Texans, but the Texans are 3-1 under Bill O’Brien after the bye, with the only loss being last season with Deshaun Watson going down. I’ll have more details on this game in my article tomorrow before the game.


Tennessee Titans (WIN)TEN Titans

The Texans return back home after a two road game stretch to the best crowd in the NFL. They play a division foe that previously beat them in week 2. The crowd welcomes and revitalizes the Texans in the NRG, while the Texans should have a strong grip on the Titans for most of the game. No way the Titans win this game in Houston, nonetheless sweep them.


Cleveland Browns (WIN)CLE Browns

This is our trap game of the schedule. The Texans are 8-3 going into this game, playing a team who shouldn’t be in playoff contention at this point. Though the Browns aren’t making the playoffs, they are by no means a bad team. They lost 3 of their games by a total of 9 points. They will come to NRG and give the Texans a great scare, but the Texans will once again find a way to win in a close call.


Indianapolis Colts (WIN)IND Colts

Just like the week 4 shootout, this clash will also be another shootout between Andrew Luck and Deshaun Watson. The Texans will be able to make more plays versus the colts and extend their win streak to 10 games, concluding their 3 game win streak.


New York Jets (WIN)NY JEts

This also smells like a trap game. The Texans going to New York in December? Playing one of the worst teams in the NFL? This has every indications of a trap game. However, I don’t see the Texans having much trouble with the Jets. Their team simply isn’t strong enough to upset the Texans. Houston extends their win streak to 11, and clinches a playoff spot while in the mix.


Philadelphia Eagles (LOSS)PHI Eagles

The second road game in a row while the Texans are also playing outdoors in the winter. The 11 game win streak will finally come to an end. The Eagles have hit their stride, and need to win this game in order to have a shot to clinch the division in week 17. The Texans have already made the playoffs and have nothing to play for. I expect the Texans to lose this game.


Jacksonville Jaguars (WIN)JAX Jaguars

This game is a toss up, honestly. I expect the Texans to rest their starters as they get ready to host a playoff game for the 5th time in the last 8 seasons. The Jaguars could be playing not to be swept by the Texans, but I will give the Texans the win just because.


Do you agree with me? What record do you think the Texans will finish with? Who will they beat and lose to? Go ahead and argue with me!

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