Cowboys’ Quest to Save Season Starts Now

After beating the Eagles in an impressive win last sunday, the Cowboys have to keep that same mentality.

The next couple of games for the Cowboys is going to make or break the Cowboys season.

@ Falcons – 12 PM central time

In a rare moment, Cowboys head to Atlanta to face the Falcons for a early game. Dak Prescott and the Boys have a shot to redeem themselves after the horrible showing they put up on November 12th last year. Falcons had their way without the Cowboys with Zeke but this year the Boys can definitely return the punishment in style. After Zeke ran wild on the Eagles, Cowboys HAVE to replicate the same plan on a banged up defense that the Falcons currently have.

vs Redskins – 3:30 PM central time

It is the Turkey Day game or the annual “The Sun Distracting the Players Game”. If you need any reminder what happen last time Redskins and Cowboys played:

AT&T Stadium does no favors with the sun having that type of an effect. Cowboys have to learn to execute with this game. Earlier this season, Cowboys beat themselves with the costly turnovers and also, the dramatic special teams penalty that pushed the Cowboys far enough for to missed their FG in final secs. It will be interesting to see how both teams play with a short week to prepare.

vs Saints – 7:20 PM central time

This game would be very different if Dez Bryant was wearing the black and gold and going against his team (Get well soon Dez. Come back better than ever.). We were robbed that opportunity but it is going to be a hard one for the Cowboys to pull off. Cowboys does indeed have a stingy defense but Saints offense can force you to bend long enough and then destroy any hope you could have had. Dallas offense will need to have one of their best games this season if they want to beat New Orleans. The Saints have too many weapons at their disposal. Be very afraid.

vs Eagles –  3:25 PM central time

This game will probably be very important for both teams once this date approaches. As stated earlier, Cowboys ran all over the Eagles defense (was ranked #2 in run defense at that time). Eagles will want revenge and prove to everyone that they are the team to beat in the NFC East. Expect the Eagles to come out swinging. As usual an NFC East game will be interesting all the way until the end.


I think the Cowboys goes 3-1 which will bring them to 7-6. Cowboys need to win at least 3 games if they want to stay in the race for the division or be in the running for a wild card slot. If they want to win, they have to feed Zeke. Zeke has to have at least 20 touches and Cowboys can’t be afraid to lean on him. Cowboys has the ability to win these games, they just have to execute when it matters most. Cowboys’ backs are against the wall and they need to deliver.


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