The Prediction: Colts Vs. Texans


Colts vs. Texans Week 14

Last Meeting: (Week 4: September 30, 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Texans def. Colts 37-34)


That’s all that the Texans have been doing the past 9 games. I’m sure that every Texans fan is loving the historic season that their team is having. However, I know that every fan has the same question in the back of their mind:

When will it end?

Unfortunately, everything (whether good or bad) has to eventually come to an end. I am not sure when, but it’s inevitable.

To conclude their final game in their 3-home game stretch, the Texans will take on the team that helped begin their historic 9-game win streak: The Indianapolis Colts (6-6).

Because of this, I know that this game will be the most intense game of the season. The Colts will do everything in their power to end what they’ve started and keep their AFC South title hopes alive.

What’s on the line?

Both teams have many things on the line today. Starting with the Texans.

  1. The Texans can lock up the AFC South title.
    • If the Texans were to win today, they will eliminate the Colts from winning the AFC South this season. They will be at 10 wins while the Colts will be at 7 losses, leaving no way mathematically for them to win the division. The Texans would then have to win one more game in order for them to lock up the division and secure a home game.
  2. The Texans make history once again with 10 straight wins.
    • Currently on the best win streak in the franchise’s history, the Texans can expand their win streak to double digits. They can accomplish winning 10 games in a row for the first time ever in team history.
    • Securing a win against the Colts will be a 2nd sweep in three years against the franchise. Considering that the Texans only swept the Colts once in their rivalry, I know that the Texans will be looking to beat the Colts once again.

The Colts

  1. The Colts look to keep their AFC South title hopes alive.
    • In order for the Colts to have a shot at the title, they will need a ridiculous amount of help. For starters, they need to win out from this point forward. Getting this win versus the Texans will help them out, since the Texans need to lose from here on out in order for the Colts to win the AFC South.

How do both teams matchup?

Offensively, both teams are great. Both teams are ranked in the top 12 in yards and points. Both teams can put up points easily, though I have to give the slight edge to the Colts. While both QBs are becoming the face of the NFL, Andrew Luck has done it longer than Deshaun Watson. This should be an incredible match-up to watch!

While the Texans are a better team defensively, the Colts are not as far off as one would think. Both teams are ranked in the top 15 in yards and points allowed. One could look at the explosive offenses and expect a shootout, but the defenses believe that they can hold their own.

The Prediction

This game can go two ways (Where have you heard that before). Way numero uno!

We will see another offensive shootout!

In week 4, the Texans and Colts slugged it out on offense. The game went into OT, and the Texans made a few more plays at the end and won the game. I would not be surprised if this game went the same exact way. It could come into the last few plays of the game. Whoever has the ball last will most likely win the game. I believe the Texans could come out with another win if the game comes into another shootout, but Andrew Luck thrives in shootouts.

Way number two: The Colts keep their AFC South Title hopes alive.

Andrew Luck is having a fantastic season. He also loves to come to his hometown of Houston to play football. Knowing that pretty much his season is on the line, Luck has his best game of the season, and he pushes the Colts pass the Texans to keep his division title hopes alive.

With so much on the line in this game, I don’t know what will happen. This is going to be one of the most exciting games to watch this season. Will the Texans make it 10 wins in a row? Will the Colts end what they’ve started? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!

Until then, I’m picking the Texans to win.

Final Score: Colts 28 Texans 34