Christmas Has Come Early for Cowboys


Usually, important NFC East football games will put you on life support because of the crazy finish. And… the Eagles vs Cowboys game was wild one. With the Cowboys  riding a hot streak after beating the Saints and the Eagles handling their business against the Redskins, this game against the Eagles is probably going to be the deciding matchup of who takes the division. 

The game started off with controversy as the Cowboys fumbled the opening kickoff. Leaving it to the referees, it became a muddled mess and somehow the Cowboys got the ball back. The referees did not know if the Cowboys fumbled the ball and/or was there enough evidence to show that the Eagles recovered it.

It looks like the recovered but the refs probably did not get a good enough angle to make the right call. Not surprisingly, the officiating had a huge role in this game.

Cowboys eventually gets a FG and that was the only score of the 1st quarter. Cowboys’ defense kept the Eagles in check during the 1st half while the Cowboys offense had a great start with 220 total yards but could only get 6 points (an incredible 62 yard FG by Brett Maher, which is the Cowboys Franchise Record).

The Cowboys not capitalizing with more points during the 1st half can possible be a problem going forward. The real game started during the 2nd half.

Cowboys strikes first with another FG in the 3rd quarter but Eagles would respond quickly. Dak Prescott gets sack on the start of a drive and then throws an interception which sets up the Eagles for a quick strike touchdown. The surprising part was the Eagles missing the extra point kick. That would be start of some problems for the Cowboys. The next drive, Cowboys start okay only for Dak to fumble the by an impressive play from Michael Bennett. Eagles would get a FG out of that opportunity and was getting momentum to end the 3rd quarter.

Cowboys responded with a strong drive to start the 4th that leads to 28 yard TD pass from Dak to Amari Cooper but the gifts didn’t end there. Carson Wentz and the Eagles would tie the game by throwing the TD pass to Dallas Goedert as the Cowboys had no answer for the TE. With 3 mins left, this became a whole new game.

Cowboys had a quick strike of their own with beautiful TD pass from Dak to Coop.

As the Eagles tried to respond, both teams had some interesting penalties being called. Carson Wentz finds Goedert again for a 75 yard bomb only for it to be taken away with a very questionable offensive pass interference call. That should have been a back breaker to the Eagles but then the Cowboys had probably the softest roughing the passer call which helps the Eagles. Cowboys defense get a sack but it is taken back as another penalty is called on the defense for illegal contact. Eagles would take advantage as Wentz would lead his team up the field and finishes the drive with a 6 yard TD pass to Darren Sproles. With the game tied in regulation, that means extra football.

The Cowboys win the toss and did not relinquish the opportunity. Cowboys fight hard to drive it up the field and then Dak to Amari magic happens again at the most important time.

Cowboys are now in the prime seat to win the NFC East. A win against the Colts next week would clinch the division. Bad news, this game is not going to be easy but if the Cowboys wanna handle business and show how serious they can be, get it done. Cowboys have a formula that works, feed Ezekiel Elliott the ball and the offense will open up. That can go far if everything clicks together.

Give That Man Some Credit

Jason Garrett

While I am not a fan of what he has done lately, Garrett made some great calls against the Eagles today. In a game where you needed to take some risks, Garrett allowed Dak and company to find a way to win it. In overtime, Garrett wanted to make sure Eagles never got ball. During the 13-play drive for the Cowboys, they were facing 4 and 1. Jason Garrett could have easily taken the FG and have the defense win them the game. He had a lot of courage for letting the Cowboys go for it and they rewarded him with winning the game.

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott was a turnover machine during the regulation period. 1 INT during the 1st quarter but 1 INT and lost a fumble during the 3rd quarter. This could have been a damaging situation for the QB. Dak stepped up in a major way by staying confident. Dak ended up in throwing 54 times for 455 yards and 3 TDs.

Amari Cooper

Dallas risked a lot to trade for Amari Cooper. Since the trade, he has done everything to prove the Cowboys that it was worth it. Cooper has 40 receptions for 642 yards and 6 TDs. He had a monster game today with 10 receptions, 217 yards, and 3 Tds.