The Culture Affect


I like to ask questions when writing. Why? Well, I like for the readers to reflect on themselves and search for new answers while indulging in words on a screen. I think a lot of the times we get caught up in living on the go, that we get away from asking questions. One question I must ask you as the reader is, have you realized the culture change in sports? Do you feel the difference? There’s a famous rap lyric that goes “Rappers wanna be ballers, Ballers wanna be rappers”. In the year and age, we’re in now, it’s evident that “The Culture” of Hip-Hop is dominating aspects of entertainment we’ve never seen. Its taking over in some areas and in others, its working hand-in-hand to totally takeover. This isn’t back-in-the-day, not at all. Social media has shifted how everything works, to the point where both athletes and artist are both benefiting from each other. How so? How about the Lebron affect for example? Lebron James played Tee Grizzley first day out song, and tripled Grizzley’s sales. When Meek Mill got out of prison earlier this year, the likes of Kevin Hart, Michael Grubin and more flew to Philly to watch him ring the bell at the 76ers game. Hip-Hop culture is oozing through the gaps some never would have thought it could get to. But, here’s my real question. What does it even mean?

Yea, it’s cute. Our favorite ball player and artist chilling together but where’s the benefits for the next generation up and coming?

As I looked around, I saw “The Culture” had become so huge and its influence so massive, that it was underappreciated, and the full potential went untapped. It’d become so commercial that we allowed people that did not and would not have the best interest in mind take over. To us; the true people of “the Culture, it is a way of living. A true lifestyle. However, for others, it was money, it was fame, it was evil. It was roaching. It was over populating what hip hop stood for with fly by nights who abused it just to leave for another genre once their past interviews come out.  We allowed Hip-Hop to become the whore to rich people and scammers who wanted nothing more than a quick screw. We allowed people to compartmentalize our dreams while being told “Stick to___”.

What does Hip-Hop and sports have in common? A few things actually. First, both have become monumental in this country. Hip-Hop has completely taken over as the favorite genre; passing up Rock and Roll. Sports, well… we know how important sports are to this country, and it is being led by Lebron James. Secondly, “The Culture” is prevalent in both that the influence is impossible to miss. To simply put it, you can get lost in the sauce. It is impossible to see Odell Beckham kicking it with Lebron and Drake and not think of what or who you can become, as a child. No matter what background, you’re going to want to be the next, insert favorite rapper or ball player. Lastly, the point I made about “The Culture” scammers is they can’t exist if they’re not let them. If you don’t know what I mean, go listen to Jay-Z verse on “Whats Free” by Meek Mill. Look carefully at what happens when we let people not from or of: “The Culture” in. We’re either left to rot, lose all of your money you’ve earn, placed in positions because was invited to the BBQ. Please note some Culture vultures look just like you.

Nothing exist without “The Culture”, and everybody wants to be “The Culture”. The funny thing is, is that it can continue to grow to heights we’ve never seen. Only if we water it. There’s literally no limit on where we can take “The Culture”. It must all work and hand-in-hand for the other to survive and thrive only because the other side knows exactly what’s at stake. Same thing Colin Kaepernick has been fighting for while being unemployed. Same thing Jay-Z has been quietly screaming regarding freedom. The same thing Viola Davis, Candace Parker, Serena Williams and Meryl Streep have all been fighting for. For the “The Culture” to be better each generation to come.

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