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Prediction Time: Texans vs. Jets

Week 15: Texans vs. Jets.

Last Meeting: (November 22, 2015 in Houston, Texas. Texans def. Jets 24-17)

I asked a question in last week’s article. When will the streak end?

Later that day, my question was answered. The Texans finally were defeated in a football game since September.

For the first time, I am writing a prediction article following a Texans loss. This is unfamiliar territory I must admit.

This will be a great test for the Texans. They will have a challenge ahead of them today vs. the New York Jets (4-9). It will be interesting to see how will they respond after their nine game win streak has been snapped.

On paper, the Texans have a better roster offensively and defensively than the Jets. The Jets are 30th in total offense compared to the Texans being 13th, while the Jets are 23rd in defense to the Texans 13th.

This game will go either two ways of course. Scenario one:

The Texans will be dominated and lose 2 straight

Perhaps the Cinderella story is over. The loss the Texans suffered last Sunday completely cooled them down. Now they are back to the 0-3 team that looked like they were on the way to the 1st draft pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

The Jets have nothing to play for (besides the number one draft pick). Because of that, they go all out against the Texans and catch them napping. Surprisingly, the Texans walk out of Met Life Stadium 9-5.

Scenario 2: The Texans take care of business.

The Texans are mad. They are upset that they didn’t walk into Met Life Stadium today on a 10-game win streak. Or they know that they have to take care of business. Either way, they are focused and dominate the Jets all game long. The Texans get back on track, and finish today 10-4.

The Prediction

I don’t see the Texans losing this game. They are a much better team than the New York Jets. The only way you can beat the Texans is by passing on them on offense and stopping the run and blitzing Deshaun Watson on defense. While the Jets can blitz, they cannot pass and cannot stop the run. I expect this game to not be close.

FINAL SCORE: Texans 24 Jets 6

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