John’s Super Bowl Picks


Yesterday was an NFL week with a lot of playoff implications on the line. Teams like Pittsburgh and others playing for a playoff berth, while the number one seeds looked to wrap up their season with home control. No doubt, Sunday was a big day for the whole league, even those looking for draft positioning. Seeding around this time is crucial. Teams need that positioning for their journey to the Super Bowl. Not quite a Christmas list, but more so Christmas picks. Take a look at my Christmas Super Bowl picks.


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New Orleans Saints. The Saints are the only team I fully believe in the entire league will make the Super Bowl. As I looked at the teams in the NFC they would have to play in order to get to the Super Bowl, I believe they have the best chances to beat each each team. Why? Check out the following:

  • Bears, ranked #13 in rushing.
  • Rams, ranked #3 in rushing.
  • Seahawks, ranked #1 in rushing.
  • Cowboys, ranked #6 in rushing.

All of these teams are in the playoffs and all of them have a running attack that you’d need in the cold conditions the playoffs can bring. However, the Saints are the league leaders in allowed rushing YPC (78.1) and only 10 touchdowns on the ground so far this season. They get after you and they do it well. Shades of last year’s Super Bowl champs, they stop the run and pound the run, averaging 122.7 rushing yards per game as well. If you take the numbers and mix it with Bourbon and Canal street; since the Saints have home field advantage now, I don’t see the saints losing this playoff run. I believe they ground and pound their right into the Super Bowl, in Atlanta. Which is something I want to see myself.

Now, the AFC.

To be completely honesty, I don’t have a sure fire pick on who’s going to go to the Super Bowl. Either the team is too hurt to make a full run at the Super Bowl; Houston Texans, or the defense has not shown me enough to believe they can put it together to win some big games, like the Chiefs.


Nonetheless, my AFC Super Bowl pick, the LA Chargers. Not a sexy pick, I know, but the Chargers are having a really good season. Lead by Phillips Rivers; who’s having an MVP kind of year, the Chargers are among the best in getting teams off the field on third down along with 4.8 YPC, which is 7th in the conference. The combination of the Swiss Army knife, healthy Melvin Gordon,  in the backfield along with week in and week out production from Rivers and the receiver core, I think some teams may slip up and not understand the Chargers are dangerous.

Sleeper team for the AFC, the Ravens. Dangerous team, best defense in the league combined with the 2nd best rushing attack in the league. The only thing they are missing is home field advantage. It’s the playoffs, it’s going to get cold and running will be apart of the mixture for success. It depends on their match-ups of course, but it is possible.

If indeed the Saints vs. Chargers are the match up for the Super Bowl held in Atlanta, I am predicting a 30-27 victory, for the New Orleans and a whole lot of drama in Atlanta. I could be wrong, but I could be right.

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