Thursday Night Fights

Houston Sports

Houston, TX- Joe Dumas Promotions presents the Foreman Fight Series, a series where the George Foreman Youth & Community Center fighters put on a show case at the Humble Civic Center in the Humble, TX. Joe Dumas has been in the boxing world for quite some time and he is not alone in orchestrating this boxing event. Roy Foreman, brother of former heavy weight champion George Foreman, has also been all hands on deck with putting together this event to show they have the fighters to move up in the boxing ranks. Not only do they want to put on a good showcase for the fans in attendance but they wanted to make a statement, especially with the Foreman name backing it. Simply, our fighters can fighters. The atmosphere is set perfectly for the evening, Fat Floyd’s sponsored the event with some Texas B-B-Q and the mood is just right on this Houston evening. Let’s get some boxing.

The card has couple of pro-debuts and even more fighters that only has a few professional fights under their name. Young fighters in the pro world, the fighters are anxious to get the ring and prove they chose the right path. One particular fighter, Chancellor Battenberg, told me he wants to use what he’s good at. “I want to prove I have the strong jab that I’ve complimented on and really use my reach against a shorter fighter”said Battenberg. There’s a feeling all of these young fighters have something to prove. Why wouldn’t you? The way to get exposure is to win, and convincingly.

Fight 1: Demarcus J. Layton(Red/blue trunks) 6-0-0-3 vs. Jesus Gomez Rodriguez(White trunks) 4-2-0-3. 6 round bout.

This fight opened up with Demnarcus using his left hook and jab to his advantage in a big way. using his body shots, Layton was able to establish clean head shots that opened Jesus. Clearly more active in the first two rounds. The third was much more friendly for Jesus and he was able to be more effective with his punches landed. Big hooks to body opened up Layton just a bit to where a knockout looked eminent. Layton survived that round but make no mistake, Jesus put him on notice my chin is stronger than the punches you’re landing. Right out of the break, heading into the 5th round, Layton and Jesus went at it in big way. Layton establish good counter punches but they seem to be non-effective and Jesus kept looking for that one big punch. Jesus landed a huge right hook body shot that opened Layton up and landed a left hook that ended the fight in the middle of the 5th. Jesus win with a TKO, and hands Layton his first pro loss. The perfect way to start the evening

Fight 2: Chase Beach(Black trunks) 1-0-0-1 vs. Michael Matulis(White/black trunks) 0-2-0-0. 4 round Heavyweight bout.

Chase came into this fight with no wins and desperately needs a win, while Michael is undefeated, but still a very young fighter. They say the hungry dogs win the fights, but not this case. Michael came right out of the gate with an early round knockdown, a knock out followed shortly after. Beach just did not look in shape and technique was not up to par. Matulius took advantage of this and immediately went to work.

Fight 3: Chancellor Battenberg(Gray/yellow/green trunks) vs. Dontariaus Williams( Blue/black trunks) 0-0-0-0. 4 round

To be quite frank, this fight was wild and all over the place. This was Williams fight pro fight and it showed in a bad way. Wild swings, odd punches and terrible footwork. It was terrible to say the least. For Batternberg, I was looking for the jab that he had bragged about. I saw the power behind his right jab which eventually lead to a TKO win for him in the 2nd round. I will say this, Batterberg has been a featured fighter for the Foreman fight series so he will get the attention. However, he needs to work on using his height to his advantage and leaning back to avoid punches like the wild ones that landed for Williams. Moving forward, in my opinion, he has to drastically work on these things along with footwork and controlling the ring.

Fight 4: Cris Morales(Black/gold trunks)5-1-0-1 vs. Guadalupe Perez(Black/white)2-19-0-0. 4 round

Morales looked ready, hyper and eager to get the fight started. Another Foreman feature fighter for the series, he looked to keep the win column full. Personally, I like Morales and the way he flowed throughout the ring. Perez had no confidence whatsoever. With all due respect, with 19 losses, how much could a tired dog give? Not much. Morales was exciting and smart in the ring. Landed precise 1-2 body combos that continued to open Perez’s guard which lead to 2nd round knockdown from a body hook and uppercut to the chin. It didn’t stop in the 2nd and Morales made this one-sided victory. One could ask, why is Perez still in the ring with 20 losses now. Nonetheless, I truly believe Morales has talent and big potential.

Fight 5: Dondrell Haynes(Blue/white trunks) 5-1-0-1vs. Ousmane Sylla(Black/red trunks) 1-3-1-1. 4 round bout

This is a fight I wanted to see. During the weigh in, Haynes had a vicious stare and the two had a slight back and fourth. Haynes has some power behind his punches and swag in the ring. He simply controlled the ring. Haynes toyed with Sylla, walked him down, talked at him and teased him throughout the first round. One of my critiques of Haynes would be he came into this fight too confident and his punches were too wild. He threw in bunches but didn’t land nearly as close. Sylla had no enthusiasm in the ring and was very lackadaisical. In the end, Dondrell “The Sniper” Haynes was too much for Sylla to handle. The fight ended in the 3rd with a knockout.

Fight 6: Main Event, Jonathan Foreman(Black trunks) 5-0-0-5 vs. Steven Lyons(Black/red trunks) 4-3-0-1. 4 round Heavyweight bout.

Jonathan Foreman, the undefeated Jonathan Foreman. There’s a reason he’s the main event. I know he has an undefeated record but that name holds weight, especially considering this is the Foreman fight series. As I observed Lyons, I notice from the beginning he has some power in his left but didn’t know how to put combos together precisely and did not use his right for most of the fight. Foreman was able to use his body to block most of Lyons punches but gassed out towards the end of the 5th. Before the 6th round could start, Foreman’s corner stop the fight and Lyon’s won by TKO. Not an impressive main event to say the least and quite frankly, both fighters has alot of to improve.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Morales fight. I though he was the most impressive boxer out of the bunch and I think he has the brightest future. Layton and Rodriguez had the best fight for the evening, a good back and fourth bout. High energy, big hits. Moving forward, the Foreman gym has many areas to improve on if they want to truly make a name for themselves. The biggest takeaway would honestly be, the lack jabs thrown. Outside of Chancellor, it seemed non-existent. Young fighters will make young mistakes and must use those mistakes to grow in their profession.