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New Orleans Pelicans: Anthony Davis says all 29 teams are on his list

New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis says all 29 teams are on his list.

On the eve of the 69th annual All-Star game, the NBA held its Media Day Press conference Saturday morning. And as expected, the turmoil in New Orleans was front and center for Pelicans‘ star big man, Anthony Davis.

In an interview with NBA TV analysts Steve Smith and Isiah Thomas, Davis opened up on trade rumors and the list of potential teams he would like to get traded to. “I don’t have a preferred destination. Like I said, I just want to win,” Davis said. “It could be a big market, small market. I don’t care. I want to win.”

With Davis declaring that all 29 teams are on his list, this allows the Pelicans more options to explore when trading their unhappy superstar this summer. Teams like the Denver Nuggets and Portland Trail Blazers, who have express interest in trading for Davis in the past, may be more willing to give up a few of their young assets feeling more positive about his recommit to the team.

However, this, of course, opens the door for a potential trade with the Boston Celtics. The team Davis has denied he rejected the idea of signing an extension with during the summer of 2020. “They (Celtics) are on my list. They were never not on my list.” 

Since the news of his trade request in January, multiple sources reported that Davis had no desire to play for the Celtics. So much so, his father, Anthony Davis Sir, disapprove of the idea due to Boston’s unloyalty to former Celtics star Isaiah Thomas.

Now, it seems as if Davis would be open to a trade to Boston and creating a nice one-two punch with Kyrie Irving.

As for the Pelicans, hearing Davis say that he is open to a trade with the Celtics has to be music to their hears. Since the Davis sweepstakes begun, management has been open about their desires to acquire Jayson Tatum in a deal.

After suffering a shoulder injury during the Pelicans 131-122 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder, Davis is expected to play for Team LeBron during Sunday’s 69th NBA All-Star Game in Charlotte.

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