Texans Training Camp Observations: 8/1/19

ANALYSIS Houston Sports

Before I get into my post, I would like to say that it is officially one week until the Texans return to football against the Packers!

I got up today to go to Texans training camp today. The day started off with stretches and warm-ups, followed by individual position work. After everyone was warmed up, both the offense and the defense came for a scrimmage. Here were my observations for the scrimmage:

1. The offensive line needs work, big time!

While I’ve been hearing about the offensive line having strong camp days, this day wasn’t one of them. The defensive line had their way with the O-Line today. During the scrimmage, constant pressure was on the QBs. During the scrimmage, the pressure forced Watson to throw off his feet to Keke Coutee to the end zone. The pass sailed, and Safety A.J. Moore was able to run towards the middle and intercept the pass, ending the drive. J.J. Watt caused a strip fumble off Watson, and another player caused a strip sack off the QB but I wasn’t able to see who it was. In the run game, the defensive line dominated in the trenches for most of the day. If the Texans are to have a great season, the offensive line must perform better than they did today.

2. RB’s are here to compete

Lamar Miller is currently the team’s starting RB. However, that is not stopping from the other RB’s from competing hard. Today was no different.

During the scrimmage, RB’s Damarea Crockett had a long touchdown run, while Karon Hidgon had a huge receiving TD. These RB’s want to make the team and they proved it today.

3. Watson is as solid as they come.

Though he was under caress during the period, Deshaun Watson is as cool, calm, and collected as they come. During the two minute drill, Watson made a plateau of plays. First, he dropped a pass to Keke Coutee on the right sidelines. Then he was able to find Lamar Miller on the sidelines who broke free from the defense but then got out of bounds to preserve clock. I think he could’ve scored it, but I get why he got out of bounds in that situation. Watson threw a beauty to Jordan Atkins, only for Atkins to drop it. He threw the ball to Atkins before Atkins was able to get out of his break, and the ball was literally waiting for him as soon as he got out. I don’t think Atkins was expecting it, which caused the drop. The very next play, Watson was able to evade pressure, rolling to his right. He found an open Deandre Hopkins in the back of the end zone and threw it low enough to where only Hopkins can get it. Of course, Hopkins caught it for a TD to end practice. I have the play for you to watch in person. Thank you to my good friend Tre’ Carter for recording this awesome footage for me.

Watson is amazing to see in person, and I am excited for his season. His accuracy, poise, and decision making has gotten better since he first got into the league. All 3 skills were on display today.

Well, that’s all my observations for today’s practice. The season is almost here folks! Be on the lookout as I am getting prepared to cover the Texans for yet another season!