Takeaways from Texans vs. Packers

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Well, I would’ve liked a win.

But that doesn’t take away that we finally got some Texans football on Thursday night. There were some good, bad, and ugly in the 26-28 loss against the Packers. Let’s get into the good.

The Good: Tight End Group

I’ve been high on the TE group this season, and Thursday night was a good place to start. The group combined for 6 catches, 62 yards, and 1 Td. If they can produce during the season, the offense will be highly productive in the regular season.

The Good: Tyron Johsnon.

Tyron Johnson has been having a great camp, and he helped himself secure a spot on the team with his performance in the game. He finished the game with 2 Receptions for 48 yards, but he also drew a PI and demonstrated the ability to get open multiple times. Johnson has been separating himself to get the last WR spot on the team, and he separated himself even more Thursday.

The Good: Tytus Howard and Max Scharping

Their debut was not perfect, but Tytus Howard and Max Scharping made a solid debut Thursday night. They both lined up at the Guard position, Howard at the left and Scharping at the right. Both were able to open up holes consistently in the run game and did decent pass protecting. There were times were Howard had sloppy footwork, but he performed well for a debut.

The Good: RB group

Damarea Crockett, Karon Higdon, and Taiwan Jones performed well in the rushing attack. The Texans ran for 138 yards and a TD against the Packers Thursday. Jones did fumble in the 1st quarter, but he recovered and played well. Crockett and Higdon continues to solidify their spots as the 3rd and 4th RB’s on the roster.

The Bad: Pass Rush

The Texans are looking for pass rush outside of JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney. Thursday night, there was nobody that stood out. Nobody didn’t apply consistent pressure on the defensive line. The Texans not only didn’t record a sack, but they didn’t even record a QB hit. Watt is 30 years old. While he still can play at an elite level, he shouldn’t be relied on to carry an entire defense. Someone needs to stand up and apply constant pressure on the QB.

The Bad: Lonnie Johnson

2nd round pick Lonnie Johnson had himself an eventful week. After knocking heads and flexing on people in joint practices, he was expected to show up in tonight’s game. He allowed a TD and got flexed on in the end zone. Besides that, he didn’t give up much in the game. It was still disappointing that he didn’t back up his actions Thursday night. Hopefully this week will be a learning lesson for how Johnson needs to conduct himself as a professional football player moving forward.

The Bad: WR Group.

Deandre Hopkins and Will Fuller didn’t play Thursday night. This was huge for every WR that’s looking to get on the team. Outside of Tyron Johnson, no WR capitalized on the opportunity to solidify their spot on the rost. No WR other than Johnson had more than 2 catches for 29 yards. Hopkins, Fuller, Keke Coutee, and Deandre Carter are already locks to be on a deep WR group. Johnson currently has a large lead to be the WR5. If anyone wants to try to beat him for that spot, they need to have a great game next week.

The Ugly: Matt. Kalil

Before I get on this man, I will cut him some sort of slack. It’s been a while since he played, so maybe he was trying to knock off some rust. With that being said, Matt Kalil got whipped last night. He did not have a good game, especially in pass protection. The Texans do not need to have a season like last season. They cannot bet on Deshaun Watson finishing a season after taking 62 sacks. Most of the sacks came from the LT position last season, and Thursday night is an indicator that the Texans may be in for another long season. We’ll see how he will perform the rest of preseason, but for now, it looks like the Texans may need to trade for a LT. Trent Williams anybody?

Next week the Detroit Lions will be coming into town for joint practice and a game. After a crazy week with the Packers, I wonder what will happen next. See you guys next week.