Takeaways from Preseason Game #3


Well, that was ugly.

In what was by far the worst day in the Texans 2019 preseason, the Texans got pounced 34-0 in Jerry’s World tonight. We were all saying that we would learn who the Texans were tonight, and I certainly hope that this isn’t it.

Things were ugly from the jump. In the first offensive series, the Texans lost their starting RB and their starting RG in back to back plays. Lamar Miller is most likely out for the season with an ACL, and RG Zach Fulton injury doesn’t appear to be serious. However, from the beginning to the end of the game, the Texans got dominated by the Cowboys.

Here are some of my takes for tonight

Offensive Line needs work

After such a great showing against the Lions, the Texans offensive line took a major step back tonight. They gave up 8 sacks and rushed for only 85 yards. This line is equivalent to the 2017-2018 Texans. If the Texans are to go far this season, they can’t allow nights like tonight to happen often.

RB group will have to step up

After the abrupt injury to Lamar Miller, the Texans will officially have a starting RB that wasn’t on the roster last season. You have newly acquired Texan Duke Johnson, as well as UDFA’s Damarea Crockett, Karon Higdon, Buddy Howell, and Josh Ferguson. I’m hoping that the Texans trade for a RB or find a veteran in FA, but if they decide not to do so, the Texans RB group will have to grow up quick if they expect the run game to be successful this season. Tonight it wasn’t, but here’s to it getting better.

Still don’t know who is WR5

The WR group as a whole performed horribly tonight.  Tyron Johnson, Vyncint Smith, Steven Mitchell, and even Keke Coutee combined for 4 catches for 18 yards. This was a perfect opportunity for one of these players to separate themselves and make their case to be on the roster in September. As of now, nobody is a lock to be the WR5 for the Texans.

I don’t even want to get into the rest of this game. The team as a whole performed horribly tonight, and there wasn’t really any bright spots after this. We’ll see what BOB will do in regards of RB, and even so offensive line. Let’s move forward to the last preseason game against the Rams. Until then, I will see you guys next week.