Texans fall to the Panthers



This is the only word I can describe yesterday’s loss to the Panthers. Better QB, WR, offense, defense, and team overall. Yet the Texans still lost yesterday.

Who is to blame for the loss? Was it bad preparation? Horrible coaching? Or did the team not execute? I have to saw a mixture of all three. We once again saw Bill O’Brien not only be out coached by another coach, but he even out coached himself. I don’t know about you, but I’m officially on the board for a new head coach. Deciding to run a WR pass in the red zone resulting in an interception followed by a Carolina TD was the final straw for me. That play literally costed the game.

Granted, Watson and the offense must execute. The Texans put up only 10 points on an average Panthers defense. They missed on two deep balls that would’ve resulted in touchdowns. Add the horrid play call for Hopkins to throw passes, the Texans missed out on at worst 17 points. This game shouldn’t have been close. The Texans should be 3-1 easily right now. Yet, they found a way to lose this game.

I don’t have any heroes for this game. This was a bad team loss.

Next week the Falcons come into town. I had a prediction prior to yesterday’s game, but I don’t know what to think after the loss. I’ll see you all next week.