Texans Rise In Power Rankings: Are They Better Than Patriots?

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The 2019-2020 NFL season has been exciting filled with story-lines, and jaw dropping action. Hot starts, tanking, and trade demands, fans have reason to debate over who is the best at what they do and who is currently M.V.P or not. The perennial question of “ who would you take over” debate came into discussion on Fox Sports Network’ Speak for Yourself when Jason Whitlock argued distinct points as to why the Texans(4-2), and not the Patriots(6-0) are the best team in the AFC. At first sight, you glance at records and some may think that the thought of Texans being a better team than the Pats is far-fetched. The first analysis of both teams are defenses, and the Patriots are currently miles ahead of the Texans. However, the two losses the Texans have suffered are to the New Orleans Saints, and Carolina Panthers which are respectively ranked 10th and 11th in total defense currently in the league. The Patriots have played the weakest schedule thus far in the league, which has helped tremendously considering the lack of offensive help Tom Brady has currently.

A true breakdown and assessment of both teams should be judged on not only quality of opponent, but quality of QB and offense and right now, Deshaun Watson is better than Brady. Currently, Watson has a better completion rate, more touchdowns and a better QBR than Brady. Watson has not had the luxury of having the weakest schedule, and games are being put on his shoulder to win. In the last two weeks, Watson has been kept relatively clean as the offensive line has rendered no sacks and only 3 QB hits. During this time, Watson has a total of 8 touchdowns and no interceptions and has been pivotal in the Texans success. This is compared to Brady’s 10 total touchdowns and 3 picks. Removing names and previous accolades, Watson is by far the player at this stage in his young career. And that’s ok. Watson is currently top 3 in M.V.P debates, could possibly have his team at 5-1 if not for defensive mistakes made by the secondary and coaching staff against the Saints, and hasn’t been the one to be “bailed out” by others, but he’s been the one doing the bailing out.

The easier way to answer this question of who you would have right now is by asking a questions GMs around the league ask themselves all the time. Who would you start a team with right now? Brady has left his mark in his career and is considered by most the greatest quarterback of all time. However, the answer to the question is Deshaun Watson. When comparing the two organizations the Texans are currently the better overall team, Watson is currently the better quarterback.