Judge A Book By It’s Cover, vol 2: By The End Of The Day.

The Culture

Where the fuck is my phone? Is what I said to myself in a low monotone and annoyed tone as I waken to an alarm that I can’t shut off, on a day I don’t need one. I’m not going to class, and I’m not fond of hearing about someone being better than the was the last time. Now getting fussed at by Michelle because now she’s up, I realized my ringtone was going off and someone is calling me. Of all times for my phone to be on the ringer, it chooses now to do it after 4 hours of sleep. It stops and starts right back, luckily leading me to find it in the weirdest place… the condom box that hasn’t been used since freshman year, and even then it was to lend one to my roommate.

I get the phone, and it’s my mama calling me. For 5 times in a row she’s calling me, and I’m

Thinking somebody is sick or something is wrong, but low and behold she text me about Mitch getting suspended at 7 in the morning so I know this has something to do the calls. Did I answer? No. I’m tired of no sleep, tests, work and not getting money, and being a parent. I ignored the calls and texts and peeped over to the bed. I saw a beautiful woman and ass. If I can’t get sleep and I’m up, somebody else is getting up too. I make my way back to the bed, working on getting some morning sex in and boom, I’m reminded why my mama was calling in the first place. Mitch knocks on the door as Loud as possible and says mama on the phone. Not only did I not feel like talking, but this nigga made sure I didn’t have my excuse of being at school in class. Michelle is pissed because shit was getting hot, and I’m pissed well, I’m just mad.

I get up to answer the door, and Mitch has this smirk on his face. Knowing him, he snitched on me for something I did, and now my mama was mad about it. As soon as I get the phone, mama blows up. Yelling about the suspension, screaming about why I didn’t call her and letting her know, and furious about not feeding him. Everything was bad, but not feeding Mitch was literally the worse. This lady was really mad about not feeding her child. I ask mama, did he tell you after he got suspended he did not clean the house? Out of her own mouth, she tells me “I don’t care about that, you feed my child. If it was you, I wouldn’t not feed you.” At that moment, I saw the day I was going to have. This is how you call and stop me from having nasty time? My response to mama was “you wouldn’t do that because I wouldn’t be in the situation your other child is in right now, you know staying with me.” We’re now going back and forth, and I hate arguing with mama but today I had time. In the end, I let her know if she wanted her child back, she could come to get him and I could have a life in college. If not, gots to go bye. I hung up the phone, hoping I’d still get some, but nope. Michelle’s ready to go back to campus. Fuck it, I’ll go to class I say to myself. Because if I stay here, I won’t have a brother to come home too.

We get to campus, and Michelle tells me to come over to her dorm after class and that doesn’t want to come over for a while. Knowing her that was a couple of days but I understood. I get out of the car, and within 37 seconds I see Elroy. “What’s good” Elroy shouts 30 feet away, hands up with a smile. What’s up bro, where the fuck you been? “Ahhhhh man, ya know how it is, just getting it in,” said Elroy. Naw, my nigga, I don’t know how it is after you left me with that white girl. Nigga, I thought her daddy was gone pop up with a water hose and policeman. Elroy asks me, you hit though right? I look at him, he looks at me…. yea nigga I hit. “Alright then, let’s get to class.”

Elroy and I had a TV class together and were working on a project together. While walking up, Elroy asks if I wanted to do a kickback that night since it was Friday. Knowing I agreed to go to Michelle’s dorm but needing an escape I said yea. “Cool!” Said Elroy, I got some bitches coming through! I ask “my nigga did you plan this before even asking? His response was so bullshit I just kept walking into the class.

The class was actually quick as the teacher, Ms. Bridges, gave us our assignments for the week and then explained how she’d miss the next 2 weeks because of some excuse she’d always give. Frustrating as it could be at times, today was the best time to hear she’d be gone. Then I heard best friend!!! I turn around and see Brionne, one of my many best friends. She walks up, filled with joy gives me a hug and asks “you want to go to happy hour?” I look back and say “Bri, it’s 11:44 am. Why are you thinking about a happy hour? And don’t say it’s been a long day because it just started.” Bri responded to my question the only way she could. “Are you my daddy or best friend because I need to know right now?” says Brionne. I responded with both, and which spot? Elroy overhears us talking and lets Brionne know of the kickback tonight. She looks at me with disgust and says I’m sure he was going to tell me at SugarWaters later for drinks.

As we say our goodbyes, Michelle texts me letting me know she got out of class early, which was perfect because I could come over early.

The campus was dead. I didn’t want to see anybody else so I walk to straight to her dorm room. I get there, sign in, and get to her room. Michelle’s room is cold, borderline freezing and I have on shorts. She looks at me in disgrace and pissed off for some odd reason. I ask is there something wrong or anything you want to talk about, she replies “no, nothing at all. Is there something you want to tell me about?” Confused on if she found out about the white girl, whom I hadn’t seen since that morning, I respond in the way any nigga would. No, I said, there’s nothing I want to talk about. Then the classic “I just think it’s funny how” response. Michelle found out about the kickback later that night and was angry at me due to the fact this was supposed to be our day. Slightly disappointed in myself, I told her that I wanted to come over earlier in the day and spend the entire time zoned out with her without any interruptions. Though she didn’t believe me, she made me promise that I don’t use my phone and that she’d be over tonight to enjoy the party. As we chilled, laughed, and ate, I realized that life could really be good with just the two of us. Though I always seem to fuck shit up, hopefully, this time is different.

Brionne called me about happy hour and I had to lie to get out of it. I told her that I had to go to brother school knowing he was at home, which reminded me to call the nigga.

Michelle’s understanding but she’s upset that I’m breaking one on one time. She’s understanding considering the circumstances, she gave me 5 minutes for the call. I called mitch 3 times before he answered. “What nigga!” he answered, “what you want?” I respond “you still snitching like a bitch?”. He hangs up the phone. I call him back and he answers the first time. I was in a good mood, but I had to keep teasing him. “Nigga, what you want?” Mitch answered the phone again. I asked him did you clean the house? I’m having a get-together tonight. “Yes bro” Mitch replies, the house clean bitch. I tell him that since it’s clean, I may bring food home if he’s not snitching to mama like the bitch he is. “Fuck yo food, I don’t want it.” and hangs up again.

Time went by and I and Michelle had a blissful evening just enjoying each other. As I prepare myself to receive a thousand “please don’t go” Michelle gets up and says “give me a moment to pack my things.” I said, “I thought you weren’t coming over for a while” she looks at me in a confusing manner and says, “you thought I wasn’t coming to your… our… house while you’re having a kickback and I’m not gone be there? Tsk tsk, I could laugh out loud at that idea.” I honestly didn’t know I needed to hear that, the blissful feeling just continued, or horny-ness. Either way, at that moment I wanted to call off the entire thing for her and just chill. But then, I look over to the TV and Friday after next is on the part where Day Day says “what about the hoes I had coming over” and that childishly put me right back in the kickback mood.

I get back and the house is clean but I and my brother is still not talking. Mitch looks at me says “so you see the house clean but I don’t see nothing to eat.” I calmly respond “I thought you said fuck my food? Is that not what you said?” Mitch gets up mad, I can see the irritation and anger boiling, something that helps get him to Beaumont in the first place. Before he could a chance to react in a manner that would cause more problems, I tell him there’s a Little Caesars in the car just for you and Jeremy; his class and teammate who’s also our neighbor, and told him about the festivities for the evening. “Oh this nigga trying to buy me out,” says Mitch, “you think the Caesars gone work?” he continued. “Are you going to eat?” I ask while already knowing the answer. We face-off for eight seconds before Mitch walks out of the house while screaming “I’ll be back.”

Michelle is getting ready while people are starting to make their way. Elroy calls me with a typical I’m late but on the speech, but he got 3 bottles. I entertain people who I never met before, played music, pass out shots of dark liquor only, got the kickback party started and even hit the sweet a couple times. Michelle came out of the room with her game face on. She looked to be the most beautiful woman in the room, and I knew that she was for me. Even while intoxicated pass my mind at that point, I knew. Brionne showed up pissed that we didn’t go to happy hour, but I took 3 shots with her and we both forgot about it. Elroy finally shows up and brought the entire crew with him. Mitch and Jerm came back to the crib, still not talking much but who cared at that exact moment, it was Friday and I’m good.

Everything was going great, until a loud knock at the door. I’m Beaumont, Texas and I stay by a couple of older people so I figured it was the cops. Not my first experience with police, I told everybody just chill for a moment and let me handle it. Two cops showed up, a black woman and a white male. Trying so hard to hold it together, I answer the door, step outside and incoherently say “what’s up to officers, welcome to 152 how may I help?”. They knew, and I mean they knew I was done. With a smirk on their faces The officers respond “we’ve got a noise complaint at this address and we need for you to either calm it down a bit or shut it down, if not you or the owner will have to be brought in for the night” Understanding of the request but also faded, I let them know we’ll calm it down.

Before the two officers can walk away, another cop walks up the door yelling as if he didn’t see two officers already taken care of the situation. “Is this your apartment? The cop said with a loud voice. He continued with “Are you on housing? Every time I come over here it’s always the same bull crap with you people.” It took me a matter of four seconds to sober, and shout back at him while furiously looking him in his eyes “all that shit you’re doing is not necessary.” I continued,” have you ever came to my apartment? If so, when? Was I home? Did you talk to me? never in your life say some shit like that. I take care of my brother without housing, so whoever you’re mad at you take that shit out with them. Not 152.”

“These two officers came with respect on their request, same you should’ve have done and will do before we move forward”

The two officers who arrived attempted to calm me but it sounded like a mice in a room full of drums. I saw red, and as we continued with a shouting match, I notice him tightened his grip around his gun holster. Admittedly, I, just like the rest of black America, was pissed at cops around that time. If this was the day and time, I’m going out swinging, and balled my fist and prepared myself for the worse. My temper rose at a rate only my brother knows how to take me. Suddenly, Mitch opens the door, looks around as if he’s ready to jump out with me and says “tone what’s going down?” Immediately I felt the touch of God calm my spirit. I’ve always tried to set the best example for Mitch, and I couldn’t get mad at him for his actions if I’m not practicing what I preached. I tell the two original officers thank you for time, we’ll shut it down. I look the last cop in his eyes, still ready for the consequences. Before I close the door the cops say “Have a good night sir”. I close the door silently.

“Party is over,” I said, “We got to shut it down.” Some random dude yelled back, “ain’t no party over” and before I could react I hear 15-year-old Mitch “nigga the party over, now what?” in a way that invited any issues the man wanted to settle. As people left, some apologized for the noise, some didn’t care, and some were just focused on getting to the next party. I understood because most of these people weren’t my friends. Hell, the majority I barely even knew. What I did know was Michelle and Mitch were alright and we were able to sleep in peace.

Most importantly, after everything was cleaned, and the dust settled, I finally got some SEX.