Texans front office proves doubters wrong. Obrien knows best.

ANALYSIS Houston Sports

The Houston Texans go into their bye week number one in the AFC South(6-3), and will take the time to nurse injured players, allow guys rest and focus on bringing recently added players up to speed.

Considering the roster moves made before the season, lack of confidence, trust in an offensive line combination that hadn’t played together, and the fact the Texans didn’t have a GM after firing Brian Gaine and not faced tampering charges by the Patriots for the pursuit of Nick Caserio, the Texans may be an overachieving team compared to the expectations early on. That said, the front office, headlined by Bill O’Brien, has done a terrific job with constructing this team together.

“Bill O’Brien is compromising the Texans future” a headline from this past summer. Trading Jadeveon Clowney for what seems like a box of peanuts, trading away essential draft picks for the years to come, all seemed to be foolish on O’Brien’s behalf. In reality, O’Brien along with the rest of the front office staff saved the Texans season and secured key players for the future. Texans have done better in protecting their future, franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson, all while addressing the needs at other positions.

During a 3-month period, the Texans have used their future draft picks to bring in Laremy Tunsil to boost that offensive line; whose only allowed 2 sacks thus far and has looked like the best left tackle in football at times along with Kenny Stills, who’s has been stellar in his role and playing time. Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson have been tremendous with filling the void left by the Lamar Miller who’s nursing his injury, and Gareon Conley in the time of need at the cornerback position; Conley on 12 targets Sunday: 4 completions allowed 26 yards and 3 PBU’s.

Though Texans will not have a first-round draft pick for the foreseeable future, the major areas of concern for this team have been addressed. O’Brien, along with the rest of the front office has done an exceptional job in securing win-now players that can be re-signed for win later purposes. The San Francisco 49ners are currently undefeated and the New Orleans Saints are arguably the best teams in the league, but it isn’t a far-fetched idea that the front office of Houston wouldn’t be nominated for executive of the year. With these deals, along with coaching, O’Brien’s name should also be considered for the coach of the year as well.