Detroit Pistons: Hawks and others are in trade talks for Pistons’ Andre Drummond


Through the first 35 games, the 2019-20 season has been a tremendous disappointment for the Detroit Pistons. They are currently sitting 12-23 on the season and ranked 11th in the Eastern Conference following a 126-112 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday. With all things considered, it is safe to say that the Pistons will be on the verge of a complete fire sale for the NBA trade deadline come mid-February.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Detroit has spoken with several teams, including the Atlanta Hawks, about a deal for the 26-year-old big man, Andre Drummond. In the final year of his contract, Drummond is putting together arguably the best season of his career thus far — averaging nearly 18 points, 16 rebounds, three assists and two blocks per game.

Drummond is not the first big-name player to hit the rumor mill this season, as Kevin Love (Cavs) and Jrue Holiday (Pelicans) have seen their name arise in recent weeks. If the Hawks can land the all-star center, while this season is already a waste, perhaps the pairing of Drummond and Trae Young could be problematic for the Eastern Conference in the near future.


In addition to the Hawks, the Celtics, Mavericks and Raptors have all been in talks with the Pistons’ all-star center.

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