WNBA: New CBA agreement set for the league


On Tuesday, the WNBA reached a new collective bargaining agreement that will help the league reach new heights with its players in the near future. The CBA comes with substantial pay increases, upgraded travel accommodations and paid maternity leave, according to a release from the league and player’s association.

The agreement will be in place for eight years starting in 2020 and will run through the 2027 season with a mutual opt-out provision after six years. For the history of the league, this will be the fifth CBA agreement— which began in 1999 and followed in 2003, 2008 and 2014.

“I do understand the value of franchise players. We see the power that’s held by our brethren in the NBA, in terms of players having almost complete control of their movement,” Los Angeles Sparks and WNBPA executive president Nneka Ogwumike said. “But we get that the WNBA is the WNBA. So for us to have some of both sides of that, it’s going to be helpful from all perspectives.”

In addition to the new CBA agreement, changes in the new deal should allow for the potential of more player movement, starting in the free-agency period before the 2021 season. Players then will be eligible for unrestricted free agency one year earlier than in the prior CBA.

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