Texans: Bill O’Brien on Cooks: “I think that Brandin brings a lot to the table.”

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In a virtual press conference Thursday morning, Houston Texans‘ head coach and general manager Bill O’Brien spoke on the direction of the team ahead of the 2020 NFL Draft. Among the many topics, O’Brien spoke on the addition of Brandin Cooks.

Earlier this month, the Texans acquired Cooks along with a 2022 fourth-round NFL draft from the Los Angeles Rams exchange for the No. 57 overall pick in next week’s draft.

“I think that Brandin [Cooks] brings a lot to the table,” O’Brien said. “He’s a tremendous route runner. He’s got great speed. Really good deep-ball player. If you look at his yards per catch over the years, it’s really high. You’re talking about in the 14 to 15 range.”

In 2019, Cooks recorded 583 yards on 42 passes and two touchdowns across 14 games for the Rams. Although Cooks will be a valuable member of the Texans in 2020, there is a huge concern regarding his battle with recurring concussions throughout his career.

“I’ve been asked about concussions, Yes, he’s had concussions, but he’s only missed two games since 2015,” O’Brien said. “All that was taken into account when we worked with Sean McVay on the trade. Not to get into the details, but we feel really good at where Brandin’s at — relative to his health. We really can’t wait to start coaching him.”

Prior to his team with the Rams, the 26-year-old wide receiver played his first three seasons in the league as a member of the New Orleans Saints and one year with the New England Patriots. In 2018, Cooks became the first player NFL history to record 1,000 receiving yards in three straight years with three different teams.

(Photo Credit: Matthew Emmons, USA TODAY)

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