Houston Texans: Will Jonathan Greenard emerge as the edge rusher the Texans need?

ANALYSIS Houston Texans

A point of emphasis for the Houston Texans going into this offseason — including the draft — was fixing the lack of quarterback pressure by addressing the need for edge rushers. Defensively, the Texans only managed 31 sacks during the 2019 season, which ranked towards the bottom half of the league.

With J.J. Watt not getting any younger and missing half of the season, Houston knew that depth and adding quality to an area that held them back was an enormous priority. However, the Texans may have addressed this need after they selected Florida University‘s outside linebacker, Jonathan Greenard, in the third round (90th overall) during the 2020 NFL Draft.

During his collegiate career, Greenard racked in 19.5 sacks, along with 38.5 tackles for loss throughout his time at Louisville and Florida.

Standing 6’3, 263 pounds, Greenard possesses the athleticism to disrupt the passing game by winning one-on-one battles with the opposing offensive lineman, and can be an effective run stopper.

Last season, not only did he lead the Gators with 47 quarterback pressures (PFF), but Greenard led the SEC with 10 sacks and 16 tackles for loss — helping Florida lead their conference with 49 sacks on the season.

Greenard’s combination of athleticism and skill makes him the ideal of player the Texans heading into the 2020 season. He can be plugged into Houston’s defensive game plan, as they look to avoid being in the bottom half of the league in sacks and quarterback pressures.

(Photo Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports)

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