Texans: Hate it or Love it, Gareon Conley makes sense

ANALYSIS Houston Texans


Who knew both sides would need each other going into this 2021 season? For the Houston Texans, the team needs to justify the trade with a full season and see if Gareon Conley will build off his good yet short time with the franchise. For Conley, playing under contract with future guarantees leaves him to play with a chip on his shoulder to secure his future contract.

During his short time with Houston, Conley posted 11 pass breakups to go along with 27 tackles in 6 games. Combined those numbers with allowing only a career-best 52 completion percentage, two touchdowns, and a four game stretch where he did not allow over 30 yards.

Conley has found a home and is primed to possibly become the Texans best corner heading into this upcoming season. Schematically, Houston has proven to be a better fit for Conley given that the Texans are a more man-coverage based defense compared to the Raiders which helps boost his talents.

More importantly, Conley came into a situation where he had to hit restart after being traded nearly two-and-half years of his young career. With the Texans declining his 5th-year option, they now have the young 25-year-old cornerback on a full one-year prove-it deal which saves them money for the 2021 season.

Conley would’ve been bringing in $10.24M salary in 2021 had the Texans exercised the option. Conley will earn $1.89M in 2020. In a crowded, yet versatile secondary as the Texans new D.C Anthony Weaver called it on a zoom press conference, Conley has the experience of playing in this league and his Texans 2019 performance showcases how valuable he can be for this ball club.

(Photo Credit:  Michael Wyke, AP)

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