The WNBA is Returning!


It seems like the long awaited arrival of sports is just around the corner now. NFL training camps are set to resume in a couple of months, and the NBA announced that it would resume play July 30th. However, there is one league that will start before the NFL and the NBA.

The WNBA announced on Monday that they will resume a condensed season on July 24th. It will be a 22 game season that includes the playoffs.

“People are excited to watch live, competitive sports again,” Chicago Sky president Adam Fox said. Watching team sports is a normal part of what we do in this country. Us getting started again will be a moment that will capture a lot of eyeballs.”

All basketball games will be played on the four courts at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida with no fan attendance. The staff and players will stay in the dorms there for the rest of the season.

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