Speaking With Spirits: Black Lives Matter, So Act Like It

The Culture

Cheers to our very FIRST episode! Welcome to Speaking with Spirits, where we talk about hot topics over shots! In Episode One, we are talking about Black Lives, racial injustice, where we went wrong as a nation, and more!

Today’s video is all about the Black Lives Matter movement, Breonna Taylor, Ahmad Aubrey, George Floyd, political injustice, racial discrimination, police brutality, nationwide protests, Houston protests, racial injustice, mixology, cocktails, personal opinions, what are our thoughts on the protests, being black in America, racial history, political figures, voting, voting in 2020, make your voice heard, African Americans, black culture, Jackie Aina, white support, allyship, talk show, VLOG, speaking with spirits, Tony John, Raeven Bostic, Houston sports page, 50 shades of raee.

About Us: Tony John and Raeven here and welcome to Speaking with Spirits! Here we talk about issues that matter to us over a glass [or twp] of our favorite cocktails!

We’re so excited to have you here with us! We promise you a good time! Hailing from Houston, TX, Tony John loves making good chicken for the Houston area, cracking jokes, talking sports, and taking shots! When Raeven isn’t teaching high school English, you can check her out on her blog and Instagram dropping business and branding tips, sharing her love for Beyonce, and creating new cocktails!


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