Dallas Wings Isabelle Harrison speaks on her #IAM campaign

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Dallas Wings forward Isabelle Harrison launches the #IAM campaign. A t-shirt designed by Harrison to help raise awareness of the recent social justice issues in America.

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter Movements and the #SayHerName Campaign, the WNBA will dedicate the 2020 season to social justice. Under the name — The Justice Movement — the league will work to drive impactful, measurable and meaningful change to the country.

While the league took the plausible action, players around the association have taken the initiative to further the movement using their personal platform — including Dallas Wings’ forward, Isabelle Harrison.

“I made some shirts with the hashtag #IAM with an open dash next to it, and I wanted to make a shirt people can interact with and make it personal with their experience with life,” Harrison told reporters following practice on Tuesday. “Tying their experience with any social injustice issues whether they experience or saw someone else go through it. I wanted to make a shirt we could all come together on to see how much we are alike.”

On July 6, Harrison launched the #IAM campaign, a t-shirt designed to help raise awareness of the recent social justice issues in America. Several members of the Wings organization have shown their support to Harrison since its release.

Teammates Bella Alarie, Allisha Gray, Moriah Jefferson, as well as head coach Brian Agler promoted Harrison’s project on their own personal social media accounts.

“Obviously George Floyd wasn’t the first person this happened to, but I would say this is probably the most seen in-day activity that we saw with police brutality,” she said. “I hate that it had to happen like this, but I don’t want him to go down in vain, or any other person going through this issues. My initiative was to take it a step forward and bring us together as a team and a staff.”

In 2018, Harrison missed all of the WNBA season due to medical reasons in her final year with the Las Vegas Aces. Upon her return to the court, the Wings acquired Harrison along with Moriah Jefferson and two first-round draft picks in exchange for All-Star, Liz Cambage.

Harrison is looking forward to building off her success from 2019 as she enters her second season with the franchise. The 26-year-old forward is aiming to carry over the dominance she showcased playing for the Virtus Segafredo Bologna in Italy. Harrison averaged 15.2 points and 10.5 boards prior to the league’s showdown due to COVID-19.

“This year, my personal goal is to stretch my game out offensively and becoming a leader for the post group,” Harrison told reporters on Tuesday. “In Italy, I was their top scorer, and I helped change the team. I’m bringing that offensive presence this year for the team.”

The #IAM shirts can be purchased HERE and all proceeds go to Black Lives Matter.

(Photo Credit: Dallas Wings)