Houston Astros: Catching up on the Stros

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Hey hey readers! Lets catch up on some Houston Astros baseball. The Astros looked great in the exhibition game versus Kansas City with strong arms and a solid bullpen.

The first regular season series began with the Seattle Mariners, where Houston went 3-1. Houston scored 29 runs in four games, so the offense remained intense while Seattle scored 16 runs. In game three, right-handed pitcher Zack Greinke threw 3.1 innings and gave up three runs. The team headed to the bullpen but trouble occurred when Chris Devenski took the mound.

Devenski earned three runs in one inning and Brandon Bailey came to close out the game. Bailey gave up two hits and no runs but Devenski took the loss and the team fell 7-6 against the Mariners.

Drama against the L.A. Dodgers

Two games against the Los Angeles Dodgers brought Houston trouble. The explosive offense dwindled to only four runs within the series.

Joe Kelly appeared for one inning in game one and stole the show. He struck-out one batter and seemingly dirty talked Houston’s Carlos Correa. This led to dugouts clearing and everyone saw the tension between these two teams.

Dodger fans liked Kelly for what he did, despite not being on the 2017 roster when the Astros cheated. However, a man who appeared on the mound for one inning is praised for his attitude. Ask yourself, why is pettiness rewarded so much?

Another Los Angeles Match-up

Moving on, the Astros concluded a three game series against the Angels and won two out of three games. Greinke came back for more action in game two, with 5.2 innings pitched and only tallied two runs. The bull pen looked more solid than previous games, allowing three more runs.

The game went to 10 innings where pitcher Nivaldo Rodriguez gave up a run for the Angels to win. Houston struggled to fight back in the top of the tenth against Los Angeles’ left handed pitcher Ryan Butcher.

Amid winning and losing, two-time Cy Young winner Justin Verlander is out with a forearm strain. News broke that he will miss the remainder of the season, yet Verlander tweeted he just needed some rest. We will see what becomes of the injury.

Tune in for another article after the Houston Astros end their series against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

(Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports.)