Houston Astros make history against the Colorado Rockies

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Houston beat the Colorado Rockies with a four-game sweep. The Astros had a historic night on Wednesday to ensure a seven-run victory.

Kyle Tucker is the first Astro to record two triples and a home-run in a single night. To ice the cake, every starting player gained a hit to make it the 26th time in Astros history for 20 hits in a single game.

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Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports – Kyle Tucker racked up two triples and a home-run against the Colorado Rockies.

A rising star in the pitching rotation comes from lefty Framber Valdez. He signed with the Astros organization in 2015 as a free agent and made his debut in 2018. He now has been given the opportunity to be a fundamental piece to the starting pitchers.

On Wednesday, he threw 7 and 2/3 solid innings. Fans must be thinking will the Astros continue to utilize this arm or put him in the bullpen for stronger closers. As of now, Justin Verlander has not returned, therefore I think Valdez will stay as a key component.

The Astros are slowly climbing their record up 15-10, winning eight games in a row. Houston goes into a three-game series with the Padres at San Diego.

(Photo Credit: Bob Levey./Getty Images.)