Houston Astros: Justin Verlander expected to be out until 2022

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Houston AstrosJustin Verlander, a 36 year old pitcher and two-time Cy Young winner, has confirmed via video that he will not be returning this season. In the beginning of the 2020 season, there was speculation of him returning. Multiple sources said he would be out all of 2020, but Verlander talked back saying those sources were wrong.

During a simulated game, the ace said his injury worsened and it became apparent he needed Tommy John surgery. 

He threw a bullpen a couple weeks ago and things kept dwindling downhill. In 2017 and 2019, he led Houston to the World Series. Making the trade possible in a short time frame was the pinnacle of the Astros.

Thomas Edward John Jr. was an amazing starting pitcher in the National League from 1965-1973, according to Major League Baseball. His arm slot and technique allowed minimal to no strain in the elbow and arm. 

Ulnar collateral ligament in the correct surgery verbiage. John Jr. is now part of medical history. The recovery time takes a year but for athletes building back up — it could be two. 

In an Instagram post, Verlander said he is eager to get through this recovery and back on the field until it’s time to retire. He hopes to heal and have a little more fight in him to complete an amazing career. 

He explained he is not sure what to do now that baseball is out of the picture until 2022, however he is excited to hang out with his wife and child.

Verlander is on track to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Once he came to Houston, his skills progressed and meshed well with the team. For now, we may be waiting a while until we witness the comeback.