Houston Astros: Will the Astros re-sign George Springer

ANALYSIS Houston Astros

George Springer, or Springer Dinger, is a staple piece to the Houston Astros lineup. The outfielder continues to have fans rally behind him and represents the best of Astros baseball.

In 2011, Springer was drafted in the first round 11th overall to Houston. His Major League debut came three years later, according to baseball reference. The 3x Allstar has accumulated 3076 at bats with 827 hits and 173 home runs.

The lowest recorded batting average was in 2014 with a .231 and now the 2020 season becomes his second at a .253. However, how much does this season mean when looking back 10 years later?

Despite Springer being a leadoff hitter for many years, his contract is up following the 2020 season. Recently, manager Dusty Baker took the center fielder off the starting rotation for a couple games, which led to losses.

What would this team look like without Springer?

Houston became an underdog within the last five years. The team lost 100 games to winning 100 and making World Series appearances, along with a 2017 win. There are multiple key components that led to success such as Jose Altuve, Lance McCullers Jr., Justin Verlander and more, but Springer has is October proven.

Not only does the outfielder perform in the regular season, his post season appearances seem to over-achieve the hype. In the World Series run of 2017, he maintained a .283 and racked up 155 hits, 34 home runs with 548 at bats.

In 2019 he recorded his 29th leadoff home run, according to Major League Baseball.

Deciding a leadoff hitter is difficult because teams need someone who is consistent and will get on base to allow extra scoring. Why not put Altuve or Carlos Correa in the one slot? Houston needs power hitters in the heart of the lineup in order to score players on base.

Springer adds a sense of necessity to the ball club due to his on base percentage of .360. The best is a .400, which is rare as only 55 players in history have maintained it with 3,000+ plate appearances, according to MLB.

Without the outfielder, we could be looking at a fall of the up and coming Astros Dynasty. The outfield would change, less runs could be scored and less players could get on base. The offensive lineup would be missing that extra flare.

Trade rumors and what the off-season could bring

For the first time in Springer’s career, he will become a free agent in the off-season. This means he can accept any offer or terms from any teams. So far, trade rumors are scarce as the 2020 season is near the end.

As of May 8, 2020 the Astros have made it clear they would like to reach a long term deal with Springer, while intentions can be good, outside forces could effect the deal, according to MLB trade rumors.

Recently, the Houston Astros have moved up revenue and most valuable wise but still rank at 11 out of 30. The Boston Red Sox come in third with a $3.3 billion net worth, while Houston is $1.85 billion.

Rightfielder, Mookie Betts left the Red Sox in a trade deal to the Dodgers. One can assume Boston will try to sign Springer since their power hitter and outfielder has left. The team almost doubles Houston in worth and could be a strong contender in signing a deal with the Astros beloved leadoff hitter.

More rumors will circulate after the season concludes and the leagues’ transaction freeze is lifted.